Friday, March 14, 2008

Time is just crawling

It's Friday. That means it's day 3 of the 2ww and day 7 of the PIO shots. They are a pain in the ass....literally. V and I can't figure out what's changed, but the shots hurt these last few mornings, although I'm not bruising. Ah well, I'll continue to grin and bear it. What I have found is that if I warm the vial first it definitely flows a bit faster in the filling of the syringe. Today, I ran very hot water into the bathroom sink, put in the stopper and filled it just high enough for the vial of PIO to sit in it. While it sat there I did the Fragmin shot. I'm getting lovely bruising on my belly from that shot. After I was done with the Fragmin, I prepped the syringe for the PIO and it definitely "flowed" a bit better and V. said it was a bit easier to inject as well.

I'm not feeling any effects of the PIO. Last time my boobs were sore by now, I think. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. I don't really feel anything except some twinges and cramping type feeling in the lower abdomen. I think it's still too early for implantation spotting. I know I'm obsessing. Who doesn't during these two weeks. I'm trying not to. V. is still being ever the watchdog and not letting me do anything minutely strenuous. We need groceries this weekend, so he'll either have to come with, or he will be unloading the car. I don't think there's anything heavy on the list though. We've got a few things on our agenda this weekend to keep my mind off things, but I'm sure I'll be obsessing.

Kami asked when I was going to POAS. Trust me I've thought about this. A lot. I have a test left over from the last cycle. I see it every morning when I take out my hair dryer. I know that I'll probably POAS the day of the beta for sure. I'd rather know that it's a negative before I got the blood test and be pleasantly surprised if it's a postive when the call come in, rather than finding out for the first time when they call. But, do I start peeing on those sticks any sooner than the 25th? Technically today is 3dp3dt since the embryos were frozen on day 3. It's too early to POAS. I think the earliest I could start would be a week today which would be 10dp3dt. I haven't asked V. what he thinks. I'm so afraid this hasn't worked, yet we both feel that this cycle was different than the last one. What do I do? Sigh.


Dtrini said...

I won't be holding up the process this time out and you can POAS whenever you think it will actually give you a proper reading. I just would prefer to get a definitive answer as you know I like less grey in my world. So, if you can, don't tell me anything until it is confirmed by blood test.


Unknown said...

When I had my insemination done they told me 2 weeks after the insemination and not a day before because it could give a false positive !! Not sure if IVF is the same but just to give you some info.

Pam said...

Wow, thanks hon. Not sure what I expected actually. And if I do poas before the test I'll try not to say anything.

Barb - that's true for IUI because the trigger shot contains HCG and can cause a false positive. Also true if you've had an egg retrieval and subsequent transfer. However, with a FET cycle I've got no HCG in me prior to the transfer. So a positive should be a real positive. :)

Anonymous said...

something I learned doing my own PIO shots is to get a damp wash cloth & microwave it for 45sec- 1 minute. Then I would wrap the syringe with PIO in it (w/o the needle) and let it warm up the oil for a good 20 secs. Then, as I prepped the syringe (added the needle) I would pop the wash cloth back into the micro for 20 secs and after the injection I would use the cloth to rub it in.

crossing fingers for you guys.

Mums_the_word said...

Silly question... has the PIO left any 'lumps' under the skin? 'cuz I know the last 2 cycles I've had that problem and if I hit one with a new injection it hurt like crazy.

On other stuff... from what I've read, with IVF implantation often takes place in the 3 - 5 days post-transfer window (since they don't have to travel far to get to where they need to be ;) )... but I sure as all heck wouldn't test before 10dp3dt at the earliest. There's something just so disheartening about seeing that solitary line and I'd rather hold on to the hope for longer, personally... plus I'd probably spend the days between that and the beta driving myself nuts wondering if it was an accurate result, or if I tested too early *laugh*

I've got my fingers crossed for you that this is 'IT'! :)

Pam said...

Not a silly question. When I was self injecting the PIO in sesame oil last cycle, I got the lumpy look. I don't know if it was from the sesame oil, the self injecting or that I was just massaging afterwards and maybe not enough. This cycle it's all different. V is doing the injections but I'm also warming the vial before filling the syringe and making him do it immediately so it doesn't cool down. And then a massage a bit but also put a washcloth soaked in hot water on the area for a few minutes as well. So far, no lumps.

Yeah, there's no point in testing before 10dp3dt so I'll probably hold off until the Sunday or Monday before beta day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the PIO tips. I'm right behind you -- good luck!

Aurelia said...

Hey guys,

With the fragmin, use lots of ice prior to the shot and afterwards. There is a video Bea did at the IVF shoot em up site that tells you exactly how to do it bruise-free. (Look in Youtube under clexane, the UK/Australian name)

And Pam, please be extra careful on the fragmin, and aspirin. For women like me with a clotting disorder it prevents problems, and I'm better off on the stuff, but you haven't had the tests, nor any evidence of any problems so---just watch out, you may get horrendous bruises when you just slightly bump yourself.

Take care.

Dtrini said...

Thanks for the tips Aurelia. Thing is, my dear wife has a habit of running into things and bruising herself unknowingly until I point it out to her. She has lovely yellow and black bruising at the entry points right now so anything to help her is greatly appreciated.