Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She is going to give me a heartattack.

So, I was sitting here watching TV and typing out some bloggy love when out of the corner of my eye I spy my wife stumbling forward in an uncontrolled fashion. It was one of those moments where every part of one's brain immediately starts processing what next, performs adaptive reasoning and determines if motor reflexes are needed to save the person from falling or hitting something with their body. I did not have to move as she recovered her balance nicely but it was like in that Lexus commercial where everything around the guy slows down and he can think it out clearly.

My look was quick clear in both deep concern and ass-whooping determination that she was to be VERY careful and basically invalid like. She is to ask me for anything she needs and to keep movement to an absolute minimum (i.e. bladder emptying). I arranged to work from home today and tomorrow for this very reason; to help nature ensure that things take root and foundation like we hope for. Her stumbling over laptop wires and nearly taking a header towards the big screen is not conducive to that goal.

She is lying down and watching the game with me now. This prone position will be my preferred position for her for the next 48 hrs and any time she absolutely does not have to be any other way.



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