Friday, June 26, 2009

Show & Tell - More Cake

My baking experience began at the age of 7, I think, when I was given an Easy.Bake Oven. I'm not sure what they're like now, but it was the kind where you had to push the pans through one side and out the other, sort of like a conveyer belt. From that point on, baking has always been my "thing". I can cook and definitely enjoy that, but baking really is where I have the most fun.

I've been taking a series of cake decorating classes over the last couple of months, and will be continuing this summer and fall. You've seen the results of the first class, with the clowns and the flowers. And then I did the cookie class which resulted in the baseball cookies. This month I did a fondant and gum paste course. This was a new are in the baking world for me having never worked with either. We learned how to make some flowers, how to cover a cake with fondant, and some other things. Until the final week there really wasn't anything worth showing to others. However, this pass Wednesday was the final class of this course, and below are pictures of what I made.

The cake is a triple layer, lemon pound cake filled with lemon curd and iced with a buttercream icing. There is a layer of white fondant over it, and the cake sits on a board covered with pink and white marblized fondant. The carnations are pink and white and made from gumpaste, and the ribbons and border are made with a pink fondant/gum paste mix. I wasn't sure at first, but I think it turned out pretty good for a first effort.

Up Next for July: Tiered Cakes. This will be interesting as I've never made anything like that before. But I'm definitely looking forward to it.

What are bringing to class for Show & Tell today?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prayers please *UPDATE*

No they're not for me or V.

V's brother, my BIL, was recently diagnosed with a fairly serious condition. Out of respect for him, I won't go into detail here. However, he is going in for surgery today. He is 36 years old and has a wife and two small boys. He's got an excellent surgeon from what I understand and we're praying that everything will go well today.

If you are the praying type, and even if you aren't, please keep him in your thoughts today.

Thank you.

UPDATE: My BIL is out of surgery and recovery and in good spirits. He will be in the hospital for about a week and home for about 7 weeks.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nothing much going on

It's been really quiet (for a change) in Chez Baby-Wanted. There really isn't much going on. After the weekend that Gil was in town and we had Patti and Aurelia over, there's been nothing happening. Which for us, is really a nice change. Those of you who know us IRL know that we rarely have a weekend, especially in the summer, where nothing is scheduled.

This past weekend was our 5th anniversary. We spent it playing poker on Friday night at our place with some friends, Saturday was our anniversary. So we had lunch with L, K and the kids and watched their son D's soccer game which was being televised. Then we went to one of our favourite restaurants The with A&K. Sunday was meant to me a day of relaxing at home, but V went to church with K, D and baby M as M's christening is in two weeks and he's her god father. I on the other hand was a sinner and stayed home. However, we all went for breakfast afterwards. V headed out to see a friend perfrom with her dance group and I stayed home doing laundry and playing Gui.tar I love that game!

There isn't much on the books for this weekend except that on Friday, June 19th V and I (and Patti) are participating in one of the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life. There's still time if you want to support the cause and pledge us. We've all be touched by this terrible disease in some way. Pledges of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.

You can pledge me here.

You can pledge V here.

I'm in mid way through the latest cake decorating class. This week we're learning how to do flowers with fondant and gum paste, so if there are any photos, they'll go up for Show and Tell. Otherwise, check back in a week when we get to do a whole cake.

That's if for now. If you have made a contribution, thank you.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Just a quick note.

As you are all well aware, this is my wife's blog and I try to stay out of her way (much like when she is in the kitchen, it is her domain). However, I would like to take this time to acknowledge something we tend to take for granted far too often.

While we have made a number of acquaintances, passersby and curious onlookers, we have also been blessed to make a few good friends that have transcended the confines of the blogging multi-verse. This past weekend, we were honoured to host a gathering of our personal friends, the S-crew, meeting up with our new found friends in G&D from the valley and Aurelia from the T-dot. While not everyone could make it, it was very nice to be able to spend time with this group to share stories, food, drink and laughter.

I think that a lot of people go through this process and at the end, should things not work out, feel they did not benefit from it in any way. We will definitely not be one of those groups of people because our lives have been enriched in many ways and we thank you all for that.

OK, I will slink off back into the shadows now. Please resume what you were doing.


Edited to add by Pam:

Rather than make a second post, just to add my two cents, we had a fabulous time! Gil and her hubby came to spend the weekend with us and it was just awesome. We're definitely going to do this again. I know I've said it before, but whenever the four of us get together it's like we've known each other for years and we talk non-stop catching up.

Saturday we had a barbeque for Gil and hubby, Patti and Mark, and Aurelia. Unfortunately MyReality and Mr. Wonderful weren't able to join us this time. We had a great afternoon talking non-stop again, drinking,eating, playing with little Jack and catching up. We all decided that we needed to plan another get together for more Toronto bloggers (and anyone else who's in the vicinity at the time) because we all really had a great time.

Here is a picture of the four of us.

Okay, here were really are. That's Gil, me, Patti with Jack, and Aurelia (you really thought you'd catch a glimpse, eh?).

Okay, one more. That's me, Aurelia (gotcha again!), Patti and Gil.