Monday, October 04, 2010


So, this past weekend was the big party to celebrate my golden birthday as a friend calls it. We had about 40 people out to dinner and pool. I think everyone had a great time. I know we did. The food was good as was the company.

So here it is. This is the cake I made for me. :) It's a three tier, topsy turvy cake. Top tier is triple chocolate fudge with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream. The middle tier is white almond with a cherry vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. And the third tier is alternating layers of triple chocolate fudge and marble cake, with the cherry vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. All covered in fondant.

This is a cake I had to have ready for the same day for a client's 50th birthday. Hers is marble cake with vanilla buttercream. Iced in buttercream and decorated with fondant accents.


Updating on the IF front - we're still waiting to get profiles from the clinic. Even though the counsellor said they don't need her report to send them, the nurse says she does to get a better idea of with whom to match us. So, because I know the counsellor is behind in her reports, it will probably be a little longer. I will probably check back in with the clinic by the end of the month if we've not heard anything from them.

That's all for now.