Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not much happening on the IF front

There really isn't anything happening regarding our FET and when we may do it. I've managed to get an appointment for October 10th with the OB who did my fibroid surgery to get her to take a look and make sure everything is still okay inside and there isn't scar tissue that could impact our success. I'm also on their cancellation list, so hopefully that appointment will get moved up.

Once we get past that appointment, we will know where we stand. We've got three embryos on ice and I ain't getting any younger. I'd prefer not to wait any longer than necessary because of that. I worry that my age is a factor, but I've been told that isn't so. Who knows. In any case, we don't have any other options other than me as funds don't permit us to move to a surrogate with these embryos, or even a surrogate with a new donor. Our donor was proven and really there's no reason for this not to work as far as everyone so far is concerned. I'm not wishing for there to anything wrong, but in a way I'm hoping something shows up that is fixable....sigh....

Anyway, that's where things stand for now.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Show & Tell: Yep. More Cake

It's that time again - Show & Tell

So you thought my life was way more interesting and I'd have something else to show you guys. Nope. Nada. Nyet. Not happening. There is nothing going on here except me and cake.

This week was the last class of the Tiered Cakes class I was doing. I really liked this course and I really like working with fondant. This last project was essentially a mock wedding cake. It was a two tiered, white almond wedding cake with lemon curd in the bottom layer and raspberry jam in the top layer. I got the recipe from here which is my go-to site for recipes. I doubled it to fill one 6"x3" pan and one 10"x3" pan. They were pretty full, 3/4 maybe, and I could have filled them a little less and made another 6" probably. Because of the size of the larger layer, I used a flower nail in the middle to ensure even baking. In future, I'd probably get a heating core for anything that big or bigger.

I was totally impressed at how moist and flavourful this cake was before I filled it. And the recipe doubled easily. I used a raspberry jam in the top and it tastes just like a jelly roll. The bottom was awesome with a home made lemon curd.

Oh, and the roses decorating the cake are all hand made by me. :) I think I may have found my calling....


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Friday, July 17, 2009

Show & Tell: Cake

It's time for Mel's Show and Tell.

As you all know I haven't got much going on except the cake decorating classes. So, here is the latest creation from class. This class is tiered cakes, but we don't get to that for two more weeks, so it's just a basic cake with fondant and decorating. I so liked the recipe that Cali pointed us to last week that I thought I'd try it out this week. I don't always bake from mixes, but I'm becoming a convert. The only thing I wasn't too sure about in this, and may not include next time is the chocolate chips. Anyway, I made this cake and filled it with cherry pie filling because chocolate and cherries just rock.

Here's the finished product. V can vouch for the taste. It was pretty good, and since it's gone to his office today for his colleagues, I think they've already deemed it good. Not sure how much is left and it's only noon. :)

I am definitely enjoying these classes and could see myself making this into a little business one day.

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