Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crap crap crap

I got back last night from another long day of traveling, although not as bad as the trip down. I'm home for two days which is long enough to kiss my husband, hug the child, do laundry, get my beta test and pack again to leave Friday for Dallas.

Anyway, I got home last evening with an empty bladder because I was dying when I got off the plane. As you know I had an agreement with V. that I wouldn't POAS while I was away. So, I stayed true to my word and didn't. I did, however, pick up the pee sticks while I was away to make sure we had them. It wasn't until later in the evening that I peed on two different sticks and both came up negative. I was pretty resigned at that point that it was negative, but V. wanted to be sure with the blood test, as did I. I knew that I still had to go in this morning for the test.

I finally got out of the house way later than intended as it's a long drive downtown in rush hour. Got in. Did the test. Went to work. It's been agony waiting for the call. I've had concerned friends texting and msn-ing asking if I've heard. I think they were more anxious than we were. :)

The call came in a little while ago. Negative. If we want to do another cycle I just need to go in on CD2. I had to msn V. to let him know, since I'm at work. I know that if I'd called him, I would have lost it.

We have two frozen embryos. V. thought maybe we'd do one and one, but I told him that I'd rather do both on the next cycle because as we all know, they may not make it through the thaw. Anyway, we've decided that since I have one more trip for work coming up in January, we're going to wait until afterwards to do the cycle.

I don't want to think beyond that cycle if it doesn't work. I have no idea what we'll do. I have to admit, I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet. :(

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome home

So, today Pam returns home, which in itself is neither here nor there for all of you but it is fairly significant in these parts. First, the child and I miss her when she gone. Second, we tend to eat healthier when she is here (though I have done MUCH better this time out). Really though, today, it is the third reason that matters most. With her return, it means that we can get the blood test done tomorrow to confirm what will probably the fastest pee this side of the Eskimos (sorry, Inuit is it now?). My wife has been very good at respecting my wishes to not POAS until she returns home so as to not rob me of the suspense and anticipation with her. I suspect we will be doing this as soon as she can get upstairs so dinner will have to wait.

I have pretty much just dropped the thought of today deep into the subconscious but now that the day is here, I have to admit to some anticipation and angst as I not only want to know, I only want one possible answer and cannot believe it to be anything but that one answer. This definitely strays from my usual frustratingly and annoyingly realistic outlook. Sue me! I saw my great niece last night (my nephew and his girlfriend gave birth to a six pound seven ounce little joy named Maya yesterday) and was unable to hold her due to a bad cold. I remember what it was like when I was in that position and I do long for that feeling again.

Good thoughts everyone. :)


Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Sunday morning and I am up.

As per the title, that is the only reason I am posting right now. Yeah, I know; I made you look. Sorry about that. Normally, about an hour ago, my DW would have come out of the bedroom to wake my sorry tail that once again fell soundly asleep on the couch and she covered up with a blanket. As it is, with her away, I still fall asleep on the couch with the TV and light on after ushering the child to bed. However, I rarely sleep well and tend to get up before any of the alarms go off from fear that I would oversleep and be late; yes, even on weekends.

So, I have been up from just before 4AM and took advantage of TMN's (The Movie Network, for our US cousins) Bond-apallooza that has been going on all week since they debuted showing Casino Royale. This included showings of the original, psuedo-Bond version with David Niven and Peter Sellers (they also showed back to back Scarface movies with Al Pacino and then the original). So, I ended up watching most of the now barely tolerable License to Kill. Unlike a lot of folks, I don't think Timothy Dalton was horrible in the role but I do see how bad the writing and some of the acting was in it. Seeing it now, it definitely makes it seem less believable by suspended beliefs standards. The child and I watched Casino Royale together on Friday night; she is on punishment but I hate watching movies alone anymore. Besides, I have been so sick and not sleeping well this week, I ended up dozing off on the chaise till morning not long after the movie started.

The child can be a handful at times, and we have had our challenges recently but there is no doubt that she loves us. While Pam has been away, she has been watching over me, making sure I eat, take my vitamin C and my various medications. Tonight I was very emotional with her because far too often nowadays it just seems like we are so disconnected and distant. That is not how I grew up and not at all how I envisioned my parenting. I often question myself in that regard and hope I have learned enough over the last sixteen plus years to be able to correct some of my missteps the next time around. My parents may not have been perfect but, they did lots of things right to have helped me become the person I am today and for that I thank them.

I hope one day, our children will feel the same way.

DW, I miss you.



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Delta? Never Again.

So, I'm in Kentucky until Tuesday. That in itself is not bad. Getting here was unbelievable?

We were supposed to fly Amer.ican through Chicago yesterday. We were at the airport 2 hours before our flight. Got through US Customs and security without incident. I told them I had injectible meds in my carry on with syringes (with a letter from the doctor) and they didn't even bat an eye. Went through the x-ray machine, my laptop and stuff, and they said thanks, you're fine. Meanwhile my colleague had them go through his bag. We're early enough that we go and grab breakfast before our flight. Our flight is scheduled to leave at 8:10am. At about 7:45-7:50 they haven't started boarding yet, and the captain is on the phone. Shortly after there's an announcement that there is a problem with the plane and it's a "no go" situation. Great, this means we're not going anywhere soon. Eventually she says they have to re-route everyone on the flight and it would be best if everyone one was in one line. At the time she says this my colleague is somewhere in the men's room and I've got to get our stuff over to the line. Thankfully my laptop bag is on wheels and his laptop bag wasn't very heavy. (V. would have had my head had I lifted anything heavy.)

Fast forword two hours and we're finally being re-routed. At this point we've missed their next flight to Chicago although we don't know when the connecting flight would have been. So instead she says there is a Delta flight leaving 40 minutes later, connecting through Cincinnati. We made it down to that gate (we had to take a shuttle) and onto the smallest plane I've ever seen. It was a Canadair Regional jet. I'm only 5'1" and this was the first time I've stood in an aisle of a plane (if you call this narrow strip an aisle) and was able to put something in the overhead compartment without standing on the seat. Oh, and the seats were made for very small people. Luckily the plane was half full so we were each able to sit in our own row (of 2) so it was more comfortable that way.

We get into Cincinnati on time and have an hour to make our connection. Of course, it's in a different terminal or at least a different area of that terminal and we have to take another shuttle to get there. When we board this plane, which is completely full, we're not sitting together, but one in front of the other. I lucked out because the person I was to sit beside moved to another row with a friend and I had an empty seat. My colleague was behind me with a seat mate who was taking up 1.5 seats. There are only 2 seats in the row. Luckily this gentleman suggested he move into the seat next to me. So we ended up sitting together anyway, listening to this man snore for the whole hour.

The weather for both flights was raining. I found that the second flight must have had more turbulence because I was nauseous through most of the flight. Once I got some fresh air, it was a bit better.

Anyway, we finally arrived at the office around 4:15, after checking into the hotel, about 2 hours later than planned.

I will never fly Delta again. At least not by choice.


So on the waiting front, nothing going on. Boobs don't seem to be hurting quite as much. However, they seem to have grown to the size of cantaloupes (sorry Famine, Skibum and BIL - TMI). I know V. isn't complaining. :)

I also seem to have developed a reaction to the PIO. I'm not sure why after 2 weeks, but both hips have these red areas and are incredibly itchy. What's interesting though, is that the redness isn't at the site of the injections, but several inches below. Who knows. Thankfully it doesn't bother me constantly. I'm going to continue the shots and deal with the reaction when I get back and go in for my beta. Not much I can do from here in terms of getting an alternate progesterone product anyway.

Today is 12dp3dt.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey! I rate!!

So I got this from Thrice. Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and I rate higher than V.'s blog. Hee hee.

cash advance

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Half way

Well, sort of. Normally, I'd be half way through the 2ww but since I'm going to be out of town, I've got 4 extra days.

In any case, there's really nothing to report. Apart from sore boobs, which I think is more from the PIO than anything else, I feel fine. I haven't noticed anything else. Perhaps it's too early. I seem to be more tired in the evenings, but I think that's also the PIO.

So, all in all, it's going well. I've basically been taking it easy for the past week. V. has a watchful eye on me and doesn't let me do anything it seems. I've been fighting a cold the past 6 days as well, and thankfully it's almost gone I think, or should be by the time I've got to fly to I've not taken anything to relieve the symptoms so I've been a bit miserable the past couple of days. Even though they said I could use Tyl.enol products, I didn't want to take the chance.

So, other than that, not much is happening around our place.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bursting with goodness

TMI Alert - Now, I know the regular readers probably wonder why I post and almost always put in a TMI alert. Simply put, when Pam posts, it is the documentation of a wonderful journey towards having a child. When I post, it is the perverted view of some horndog trying to take advantage of a beloved family member or the perverted view of some horndog trying to take advantage of himself. So, this little blurb allow those family members and friends not particularly interested in my sick perversion to gracefully ignore the post until the next time Pam writes in. OK, now that we have that cleared up, I'll continue with my post.

So, I am on call this week as that which goes with my job, I have to babysit an issue for most of the night. So, Pam comes in to tell me goodnight after unsuccessfully hunting for the vaporizer she hoped would alleviate her stuffy nose. In saying good night, we somehow (thankfully) got around to the topic of the soreness and fullness she is feeling with her breasts and nipples. Being the thoughtful, kind and caring husband that I am, I agree to examine the areas for her to ensure that everything is okay. After all, in a few months this area will be a permanent drive-through window to which I will be barred all access. So, while things are still in construction and remodeling, it is best I take advantage of whatever sneak peeks I am afforded.

We determined, after careful examination, that things were simply sore and progressing and that is just what WE will have to live with for the next while. I did offer my services to help offset gravity each evening she got home but apparently this arrangement would be too cumbersome to execute. Alas, I will keep my options open and offer my services again when I see the need arises.

Seriously though, I am not sure that my DW was prepared for the ever watchful eye of her husband. I give her the look when I see her exerting herself for no reason, when I see her lifting the heavy laptop bag instead of using the built-in wheels, and when I see her moving about when she need only ask for something to be done or moved or brought. No, as she exclaims, she is not an invalid. However, she will probably end up on bed rest part way through the pregnancy. My view is, if that is coming up anyways, why not air on the side of over caution as we work to ensure that bed rest is needed. As an IT person, it is my job to be anal and paranoid. As a husband, it is my duty and pleasure to be that way to help ensure that things go the way we hope they will. She may as well enjoy it now because she knows when the playoffs start, that goes the way of the dodo.



Saturday, November 10, 2007

And now the wait begins...

Sorry for the delay in updating. I'll go back to yesterday and I'll apologize in advance for the long post.

I was expecting a call Friday to let me know what time transfer was going to be today. There was never any expectation that we'd be doing a 5-day transfer so all day long I was calling into the home machine to check messages even though I'd specifically asked them to call me cell phone. By 2pm I'd still not heard anything so I called into the office. I reached our nurse at 2:30 who checked and said they still didn't know but she'd make sure someone called. By 4pm I was extremely antsy and agitated that I'd not heard and called back in. Being a Friday i think that the office might close at 4:30 but I'm not sure. No one answered so I left a detailed message hoping that someone would pick that up that before 5, and if not then, first thing this morning.

Well, this morning arrives. I've got an acupuncture appointment schedule at 9 (or so I thought) so V and I leave the house by 8:20am. Along the way I called in to the clinic to find out what's going on and the person I spoke with was extremely surprised I hadn't heard and asked if I been sure to have checked for messages. I assured her I had and she went off to check for me, after making sure I wouldn't hang up (I had no intention). Our nurse comes back on the line and said that she did call yesterday and left a message on the number I had given her. I told her I didn't get it, but that it didn't matter. She told me that our transfer was scheduled for 11:30 which was more than enough time to get down after my acupuncture appointment, and fill my bladder. We get to the acupuncture clinic just after 9 and find that I'm booked for 10 which is not a good thing because it would be very tight to get downtown from their since we needed to be sure to arrive at 11:15.

It turns out that it's not a problem and they were able to do my session and we were done by just after 10. Just as we were leaving I got a call from the nurse saying that the doctor had gotten a call from the hospital and had an emergency he had to deal with. Immediately I'm thinking she telling me because either they're pushing the transfer off until Monday or someone else was going to be doing it. It was neither. She said they were calling everyone and asking them to come earlier. I assured her we were on our way down and only about 30-40 minutes away. We had out to the car. V. drives this time and I start drinking. I finished off my large mug of tea and a bottle of water within 15 minutes. I grab another water and continue to sip on that. We arrive at the clinic at 10:45 and head off to the IVF Suite, my bladder feeling sufficiently full.

After changing into gown, booties and hair net, and V. into his smock, mask and surgical mask we're taking into the room. I get up onto the table. They've got a little window that leads into where the embryologists are, or at least where the embryos are stored and call out that I'm there and they need the embryos. They also have me tell the embryologist my name to ensure I am the right person and such. The doctor comes in and tells them as well.

They get me into position. The ultrasound technician does a quick scan and, having a full bladder, says not to push back on her. I guess that changes the orientation or something for the transfer. Besides the screen to my right which shows what the ultrasound tech and doctor see, there is a larger LCD screen off to my left. They took the petri dish that the embryos were in and place it under a camera/magnifier and it's displayed up on this screen. They verify that the name on the petri dish is mine, and then they zoom in on the embryos so that we can see them.

The doctor says that of the six embryos, four had "made it all the way" and the other two were a little slow. Of the four, we were transferring two and freezing two. He said they were all grade A and the two we were transferring were 8-cell and 9-cell. The slower two were going to be left a little longer to see if they would go to blastocystand could be frozen. I'm expecting we'll get a call on Monday about that, but he didn't say for sure. So we are looking at the lcd screen at the embryos and the doctor, nurse and tech says "look at those embryos. beautiful. beautiful embryos". So of course I asked him if he said that about all the embryos he transfers and in unison I get "no". V. and I laughed. I guess I wanted to make sure that these truly were great embryos.

We get down to business. On the ultrasound screen that V. and I can see, I see that the tech has measured my lining (looked like 13 to me now). We could see where the catheter entered the uterus and then we could see the two embryos as they were released into the uterus. We didn't get any pictures of the embryos but here's what an 8-cell embryo looks like (remember - not ours).

What we did get was a picture of the actual transfer. You can see the catheter as well as the two embryos. I'll get V. to scan it and then I'll upload it here.

So now we wait. The dreaded two week wait (2WW) for me will be 2 1/2 weeks because I have to go on a business trip. I have to go in for the blood test (beta for those uninitiated) on November 24th. However, I leave for Bardstown, KY on November 21st and don't get back until the 27th, so I will go in on the 28th. They won't do the test before I leave. I then leave again on the 30th until December 6th. I'll be 5 weeks when I go in for the initial blood test and if it's a positive, I'll probably have to go back on the 7th for a second beta and probably an ultrasound because I'll be 6w2d then. For now though, we need to get through the next 2.5 weeks. I've promised V. I won't pee on a stick (poas) while I'm away because as he puts it, we've gone this far together. So why would I deprive him of finding out the results together. But OMG, it's going to be so hard not to poas

Friday, November 09, 2007

How old are you?

While I wait for the call from the clinic, I figured I'd give you a little light reading. I'll post when I get the call.

You Are 27 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The results are in

I've been pretty much on tenderhooks today waiting for my cell phone to ring. You see, before we left the clinic yesterday I'd specifically asked them to make a note in our file to use my cell for any calls that had to be made. We'd also been told that if we hadn't heard by 2pm to call into the office because they may not make the calls before noon due to monitoring appointments.

So, 1:30 rolls around and I decide to call home to check the machine there. What do you know, we got a call at 10am!!! We had only left the house this morning at about 9:40 so just missed it. (I called the clinic back and asked them to please make a note to call my cell for tomorrow.)

In any case, and keep in mind that we are sharing our donor with another recipient couple so we are splitting the eggs that were retrieved, we got:

6 eggs retrieved
6 eggs fertilized!!!!

We got a 100% fertilization rate! My hubby has Super Determined Sperm!!!

I have to say I'm over the moon with this, well we are of course. My biggest fear, as many of you can attest, was to be told that either none had fertilized, or only a couple did and we could have nothing to freeze. Granted we're not quite there yet, but the message also stated that we had six beautiful embryos, so I can only think positively that these are going to be graded well tomorrow.

So, depending on how they fare, we will find out tomorrow when I get the call to say what time transfer will be on Saturday. We will be transferring two embryos and freezing whatever is left.

Will advise tomorrow about transfer.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Welcome to the Spermatorium! (sung to Welcome to the Jungle... sort of)

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you do not like visuals, strong language and too much information about V. is going to make you gag with a spoon, you should skip this post in its entirety and wait for the next update from Pam. Also note, this is being posted on Thursday but back dated to Wednesday in order to keep the posts in order. I may also add some more to it as I am a bit rushed to allow Pam to enter in her next post.

Written in notes on my Crackberry.

Two and a half hours late, hot tea into my groin on the way down after falling asleep while Pam was driving in immense traffic, sent to the semen collections rooms in Andrology, had to ask directions from a woman walking around with her two daughters (who I am sure she had to explain that Andrology was a fancy term for toss-off area), enter the sperm collection area that is divided into a waiting area and several lockable rooms equipped with a DVD player, a VHS player and magazines. I took the first room that was empty and found all but one DVD was gone (even though they are supposedly magnetically encoded to sound an alarm if they are removed from the room) and it was a DVD-R titled "Freshman Fuck Dolls". There was also a VHS machine with a tape sticking out with a title of "Wright Stuff" and in the cabinet marked "Magazines, Videos" there was one magazine: Fashion. Are you kidding me? That's like getting off on the cosmetic pictures in Vogue or Cosmopolitan. Surely they could do better than that?!?!

Besides the sink (duh) and a chair that is made of material that seems to be capable of being hosed down on the front lawn for easy cleaning, there sat a night stand of sorts with mounds of Kleenex and other assorted sizes of absorbent material. I noticed a handle that seemed like a drawer and pulled it open and found more appropriate magazines inside: six issues of Playboy, two issues of Penthouse and the 1993 Swimsuits issue of Sports Illustrated. On the floor between the table and the chair was another magazine whose cover was missing but seemed to feature only card-carrying 18 and 19 year olds. Oh yeah, these folks are really on the pulse of the soft and hard core porn industry. The final items in the drawer were two tubes of HealthCare Plus lubricating jelly. I see. No KY heated sensation thingy as seen on TV eh? Very well.

So I sit here jotting notes because this really is a strange process, I am tired, there has been a LOT going on this week and I am generally distracted at the moment. Ah well, I have a job to do so better secure the BB in a safe, dry spot and get to "reading" some informational, educational and witty material in those magazines. Back in a flash. LOL.

So the VCR is a bust and either won't play or cannot be seen because I cannot get the TV to change to the correct channel. There was a second DVD in the player though titled "Teenage Sinsations". Maybe they should look into connecting up an FTA unit or Rogers On-Demand to provide a better range of selections. The other issue is that the Sony LCD TV simply plays through the built-in speakers. Uhm, riiiight. So everyone on the other side of the extremely thin walls in here (I can hear the office people work and the AC fan go on and off) can nod there heads on which item you selected to view. Not exactly the privacy that would make one feel comfortable. How about at least the option of disposable headphones like they give out on the airlines? Five bucks for a little peace of mind is a great investment in my books. Did I mention they are doing construction as well? And I can here the ins and outs (pun intended) of this very busy office. Sigh, I may be a while.

When all was said and done (twice), I had to pop (pun intended) into the other two rooms to check out the "selections" in there. Room one had nothing it it (so much for the magnetically encoded security) and room two had three titles: Latinas, Black Velvet and another copy of the Dolls. As the technician and my wife were waiting on my Herculean efforts, I decided not to screen these other two and made my way back to the main office. The same lady that took us in also retrieved my precious package from my hands and I saw DW sitting in the waiting room. She was a bit worried about me, thinking the stress of the last few days would affect me. It does and it did but one has to "focus" (just for you LB) on the task at hand and the reason one is here so while it may take a bit longer, it was going to happen. I had to sign a bunch more forms and then we had to see practitioner M. We had an instructional meeting on how Pam is to stab her ass and fill it with progesterone oil everyday for the next three months. Poor DW. We paid for all the stuff, gathered our copies of the bills and left. As it was very late, I let Pam go off to work while I took the GO train home.

Missed the damn train so I went in to get my ticket and could have sworn that either DW or this nutty ticket lady said 1:30PM was the next train. I apparently heard incorrectly and therefor missed the 1:13PM train as I munch on my yummy and super cheap Union Station pizza from Pizza2Go. I sent a note to DW and turned on the iPod to watch BB8. I made the 2:13PM train and, rolling through Scarborough, I reached my brother (still in town from Ottawa with his family) and he agreed to retrieve me from the station. I was sitting there watching my show when I realized we were again at a full stop. Oh crap! Yep, doors closed, train moving, I had missed my train stop and was headed to Whitby. Another frantic SMS to LB and he was on his way to Whitby to pick me up. Sigh, nothing is ever so simple anymore, is it?




Not mine, the donors. But you all knew that. :)

So V. and are expected in the clinic today for 9am. He's there to do his bit, and I'm there to learn how to do the PIO shots and get my meds. V. has a post that will come shortly about his experience.

Today did not start out the way we had hoped. We woke up early with the intention to leave by 7:30 which is normally more than enough time to get downtown from the eastern suburbs. However, today is the day that there was a major accident on Toronto's major highway that closed it just west of where V. and I would have gotten on. So we decided to take another route in the hopes we'd still get down in time. However, the fates were against us as it took us over an hour to reach the other major highway, which is normally a 15 minute drive. By the time we actually reached the clinic it was 10am and 2.5 hours later. Needless to say, I was a little stressed. I had called in a couple of times to advise them that we were on the way.

Once we got in it was fairly routine. V. went off to do his business and I sat and waited for him. Once he got back we went to see the nurse and get the meds. I had built up the PIO shots to such a degree that I was extremely nervous about them. However, my fears were unfounded. I had to give myself this first shot today and I found that it didn't hurt at all. However, there was a fair bit of stinging afterwards and for a little while. I know now that I need to massage the area after the injection. So, for my part, it went fairly well.

The donor's retrieval was today. I was told that I'll get a call tomorrow giving us the number of follicles retrieved and the number fertilized.

So, for now, I have no news on that front, but I will definitely be posting when I get the call.

We're looking at Saturday for a three day transfer unless told otherwise on Friday.

So, that's it for now. Look for V's post shortly.

Monday, November 05, 2007


First, sorry for the late post. It's been a helluva couple of days that I won't go into here.

So, I went in today to get my lining checked as it was day 8 of the estrace. It was measured at 10. Pretty good as I understand. Perfect according to my doctor. :)

I then met with the nurse. She said that retrieval is on for November 7th and transfer will be November 10th. I asked if she could tell me how many follicles the donor had at her last appointment. She said she didn't know off hand but thought it was about 15-16 follicles. She said there could be more because they don't always measure them all, and we'd obviously know on Wednesday at retrieval.

So V. and I are now taking doxycyline for three days. I'm to go in with V. on Wednesday so that can show me/us how to do the progesterone in oil (PIO) shots which begin that day as well. I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to that aspect of all of this, especially because I'm travelling for work just at the tail end of the two week wait. I'll have to take a look online for some tips and tricks with the PIO injections.

Anyway, that's all for now.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Donor Update, sort of

I really don't have any concrete numbers regarding the donors response to the gonal-f. I wish I did. However I had emailed the nurse on Thursday (Nov 1) to ask her if she had any information. All she said was that "the u/s on the 30th indicated multiple++ folicules on both ovaries..I take that as 'very good' response so far.....She'll be seen here tomorrow......" which meant that she was flying into Toronto that afternoon I believe, and all subsequent blood work and ultrasounds would be done by my clinic rather than by her local clinic and sent up to my clinic for any decisions.

So I'm taking that as good as I've got nothing else to go on. I had emailed on Friday for an update but didn't get a response. I'm not going to bug them over the weekend as I'm in for a lining check on Monday, so I'll get an update then. At that point, they should be able to tell me if she's going to trigger that day as well to stay with the November 7th estimated retrieval date.

I'll let you know what happens. We are sooooo close. :)