Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bursting with goodness

TMI Alert - Now, I know the regular readers probably wonder why I post and almost always put in a TMI alert. Simply put, when Pam posts, it is the documentation of a wonderful journey towards having a child. When I post, it is the perverted view of some horndog trying to take advantage of a beloved family member or the perverted view of some horndog trying to take advantage of himself. So, this little blurb allow those family members and friends not particularly interested in my sick perversion to gracefully ignore the post until the next time Pam writes in. OK, now that we have that cleared up, I'll continue with my post.

So, I am on call this week as that which goes with my job, I have to babysit an issue for most of the night. So, Pam comes in to tell me goodnight after unsuccessfully hunting for the vaporizer she hoped would alleviate her stuffy nose. In saying good night, we somehow (thankfully) got around to the topic of the soreness and fullness she is feeling with her breasts and nipples. Being the thoughtful, kind and caring husband that I am, I agree to examine the areas for her to ensure that everything is okay. After all, in a few months this area will be a permanent drive-through window to which I will be barred all access. So, while things are still in construction and remodeling, it is best I take advantage of whatever sneak peeks I am afforded.

We determined, after careful examination, that things were simply sore and progressing and that is just what WE will have to live with for the next while. I did offer my services to help offset gravity each evening she got home but apparently this arrangement would be too cumbersome to execute. Alas, I will keep my options open and offer my services again when I see the need arises.

Seriously though, I am not sure that my DW was prepared for the ever watchful eye of her husband. I give her the look when I see her exerting herself for no reason, when I see her lifting the heavy laptop bag instead of using the built-in wheels, and when I see her moving about when she need only ask for something to be done or moved or brought. No, as she exclaims, she is not an invalid. However, she will probably end up on bed rest part way through the pregnancy. My view is, if that is coming up anyways, why not air on the side of over caution as we work to ensure that bed rest is needed. As an IT person, it is my job to be anal and paranoid. As a husband, it is my duty and pleasure to be that way to help ensure that things go the way we hope they will. She may as well enjoy it now because she knows when the playoffs start, that goes the way of the dodo.



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