Thursday, July 31, 2008

Donor Update

I need to come up with a better title than that.

Anyway, the donor was in today for monitoring. Although I don't have a number, her estrogen is higher than this time during her last donor cycle, and is rising nicely. They've counted about 16 follicles (yeah!) which are larger at this stage in her cycle than the last cycle. She's been on the meds for seven days. As the nurse said, there could be more that they haven't counted. She is due back in for monitoring on Saturday and I'll get in touch for an update then.

Things are definitely looking good!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was back at the clinic today for the requisite bloodwork and ultrasound. They measured my lining but I didn't ask her. The tech said it was good.

There really wasn't much for me today. I saw the doctor. He confirmed the donor had been in yesterday for blood work and ultrasound and said everything looked good. That's about all the info I got. The donor coordinator wasn't in today, and the nurse I saw afterwards didn't know how the donor was responding (she hadn't looked at the file). So I will email the donor coordinator and ask for an update. She's in tomorrow and she'll also be able to say when the donor is due back. I think it may be Wednesday but possibly Thursday.

I'm not due back in until they call me with the retrieval date. I did get the doxycycline that V. and I have to take(twice a day for three days) from the day she has the trigger shot. So, if things go as I was told, 13 days from the day she started the stims, should be retrieval (Aug 6). So I should be getting a call from the clinic on or around August 4th letting us know when retrieval actually is. August 4th is a holiday here, so I need to make sure I've got my cell with me rather than "somewhere in the house". The only thing I have to remember to ask them is if I need blood and ultrasound when I go in the next time. I think I will.

Okay, that's it for now. I hope everyone has a good week. If I get numbers re: follicles I will post them.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Donor Update

Just a brief update. I heard from the donor coordinator regarding the donor's status. She has been in for her CD2 (she didn't say when) and she starts the Gonal-F on Friday, July 25. She'll be back into the clinic on Monday for monitoring and I'll be able to get updates next week.

So based on the donor's protocol I was given, they said she's start the Gonal-F by the 25th and approximately 13 days later would be retrieval. So currently we've got an estimated retrieval date of August 6th and therefore a transfer date of August 9th, I believe. But we all know how these dates can change. But we're two weeks away from retrieval!!

Will update next week when I have more info.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Next step

We've moved on to the good part!!! :)

I stopped the birth control pill on the 14th, last Monday, and spent the week willing my period to start so I'd be able to go in on the weekend. The last two cycles it's taken about 4 days. This time it took 5 days and CD1 was Saturday. So, I was into the clinic yesterday. I got in before 9 and I did the usual bloods and ultrasound and waited to see the doctor. Surprisingly, my doctor actually had the day off and I saw the new doctor, Dr. B., who has been working with him and covering when he's been tied up or late. She even said that this was the first day off she knew him to have taken since she started in September.

I brought her up to date that I was a recipient of an egg donor and therefore not the one that was moving onto the stims. She then thought it a good idea to flip through the chart a bit. ;) In any case, I also told her what we did the last cycle with all the different meds and she figured that my doctor probably would continue in that vein and prescribed the same drug cocktail for me. So I am now on:

folic acid - one tab daily (was already taking this)
low dose (81mg) baby aspirin - one tab daily
Estrace, orally - 4mg, three times daily
Prednisone - one tab daily

And, since I know I should be taking a multi-vitamin I've added a prenatal (since I had them on hand) into the mix as well.

I'm due back at the clinic in 10 days which is July 29th for a lining check and we'll see where the donor is at that point.

As of yesterday there was nothing on file that she'd gotten her CD1 yet and returned to the clinic. She should be in this week as well (sooner rather than later I hope) and they'll get her started on her meds but I will be contacting the donor coordinator, M., to get an update later this week. She wasn't in this weekend either.

Anyway, that's it for now.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A quick word...

Some folks that really know me are probably wondering why I haven't posted or responded to comments much. The reason is simply that I have a very dark and twisted sense of humour at times that does not always fit this forum. Also, as much as this is OUR blog, I really see this more as Pam's arena so she is the ringmaster and I will happily be the clown in the background. The final reason is that in my world logic dictates which brings with it a sound sense of reality and frankness. There are times and situations where you do not want or need that. Right now, I don't think I want or should be the voice of reason. I would prefer to live in my wife's and everyone else's world as it is far more fluffy and hopeful and positive. I can always return to my reality when need be but right now, for my wife and for our chances going forward, my place is here. :)

Oh yeah, one more thing. Freezers are for ice cream, Popsicles and certain freaky S&M paraphernalia (or so I have been told). If need be, my surgery will be postponed to an alternate date. This is simply too important to the both of us for ANYTHING to disrupt the process. I can bear a little pain now in order for Pam to bear a whole lot later. I think that is a fair trade, don't you? I won't be missing EWF though, that's for sure. Sorry honey but they sing September. SEPTEMBER!! Hey, I just realized that is another connection as your birthday is in September.

Ok, your world is seeping into me. I need some antibiotics.


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Donor Update

I heard from the clinic this week while our nurse was on vacation. I am to stop taking the birth control on July 14th and then come in on my next day 2. Based on the fresh and the frozen cycles, that has been about 4 days following me stopping the pill, so I estimate that I'm going into the clinic on or around July 19th.

Our nurse got back from vacation today and because I'd sent her an email yesterday asking about the donors protocol and estimated dates, this is what she sent back:

- like me, she is currently on birth control pills until July 14th
- they estimate she should have a period between the 15th-22nd (hopefully sooner rather than later)
- she'll start Gonal-F approx. by July 25th
- 13 days from the time of the Gonal-F start , they estimate the retrieval will occur
- this puts retrieval about August 6, and transfer on August 9th

We have tickets to see Earth, Wind and Fire on the 9th. So, if that's when transfer happens I will be passing on the concert and let someone enjoy them in my place. This is reminiscent of our first cycle when we had Stevie Wonder tickets a few days after transfer. However, this time, I'm not upset to miss EW&F.

So, that's where we are now. I'll know more in another week or so. As it's an exclusive cycle, we should get more frequent donor updates during the stim phase with how she's responding.

I know it sounds stupid, but this time things seem to be falling more easily into place and it's all more relaxed.