Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A quick word...

Some folks that really know me are probably wondering why I haven't posted or responded to comments much. The reason is simply that I have a very dark and twisted sense of humour at times that does not always fit this forum. Also, as much as this is OUR blog, I really see this more as Pam's arena so she is the ringmaster and I will happily be the clown in the background. The final reason is that in my world logic dictates which brings with it a sound sense of reality and frankness. There are times and situations where you do not want or need that. Right now, I don't think I want or should be the voice of reason. I would prefer to live in my wife's and everyone else's world as it is far more fluffy and hopeful and positive. I can always return to my reality when need be but right now, for my wife and for our chances going forward, my place is here. :)

Oh yeah, one more thing. Freezers are for ice cream, Popsicles and certain freaky S&M paraphernalia (or so I have been told). If need be, my surgery will be postponed to an alternate date. This is simply too important to the both of us for ANYTHING to disrupt the process. I can bear a little pain now in order for Pam to bear a whole lot later. I think that is a fair trade, don't you? I won't be missing EWF though, that's for sure. Sorry honey but they sing September. SEPTEMBER!! Hey, I just realized that is another connection as your birthday is in September.

Ok, your world is seeping into me. I need some antibiotics.



Mums_the_word said...

*laugh* Priceless! ;) My hubby feels much the same... freezers are for ice-cream. He's stretched it to ice-cream and kidsicles... but that's as close as the swimmers are going to get to it!

Here's hoping things time out so you don't have to deal with postponing surgery *fingers crossed* (retrieval on the 7th or 8th would be good... you could still go to EWF and not postpone surgery ;) )... and fingers crossed, too, that this is the miracle you two are hoping for!!

Dtrini said...

MTW, thank you for all the support and positive energy to the Time Lords(tm); hopefully they are listening and will schedule things accordingly. :)

Freezers are for Vodka, ice cubes and the glass to hold them both.

wizdom said...

I couldn't resist
... am I allowed to leave this as a comment

I love me some google...
and it would seem the ladies can love some freezer pops!