Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Longest Day

I started writing this post while we were waiting. The title will make more sense as you read.

So it's 1:30pm as I write this and our transfer was scheduled for noon. He's had a busy day today. Our doctor was doing a retrieval when we arrived and there's one more retrieval to be done before he gets to us, and then he's got a D&C and a drainage (see below) and he's MIA at the moment. Following the first transfer he came out and returned a call to patient and then went out to the clinic to see what was going on.

We arrived as requested at 11:45am with me having drunk the requisite one litre of water, plus I'd had my tea shortly before we left. So when we were told he was about an hour behind I was given permission by an ultrasound tech to empty my bladder completely and then drink 3-4 small cups of water. This was good because I needed to go. However the nurse in the IVF suite thought I should only pee 2 cups. That would be two of those white Styrofoam cups, about the size of a small coffee, and see where my bladder was as we got closer to the time. Well, I should have listened to the tech. A half hour later I needed to go again. I was then given permission to go and pee half a cup. (It's now 12:45pm) Do you know how hard it is to stop peeing when you've gotta go? I still felt the need following this and lasted about another half hour before I desperately needed to go. So one more cup filled to the top (and a little bit more) later and I'm sitting here now waiting. I feel okay so I think if they were to get to us soon my bladder will be okay. I know that I won't be able to pee for 10-15 minutes after the transfer, and then I will be told to "pee slowly". So here we wait. Poor V is on call so he's been falling asleep as he was up all night dealing with an issue.

2:00pm - The doctor finally reappears and goes in to do the retrieval for the poor lady who has been in there for 30 minutes, prepped waiting for him.

2:30pm - He's done and gone back to the other side to see what's going on out there. Hope he doesn't take forever again. As he leaves one nurse calls out if he's going to do the transfer (I hope so) or will someone else. He calls back I think so. Get her ready.

2:45pm - still waiting. But it should only be a little longer. I've had my bladder checked on ultrasound and told to pee one and a half cups (that would be the white cup). Apparently I'm a champ at filling my bladder. But then again, I knew that.

It was only about 5 minutes later when the doc came breezing in and said "let's get you pregnant". V was lagging behind because he'd been dozing and I had nudge him awake that it was time, and had to put his smock on. So I laughed and said we need to wait for V. So the doc called back, "come on V or your kids are going to look like me". All went well. Both embryos survived the thaw and when they were displayed up on the screen they were deemed gorgeous. And he seemed quite pleased with their placement. Now let's hope those embryos do their job. :)

Once we were done I had to wait 10 minutes before peeing (slowly). Because I wasn't in any discomfort the wait was fine. Plus we ended up chatting with another patient who was suffering from OHSS and was there to have the fluid drained. Ouch! So 20 minutes after the transfer I was able to pee, get dressed and then one of the nurses showed us how to inject the Fragmin. That one burns/stings a bit but it's just a subcutaneous shot so not as bad as the PIO. However, there will be bruising with this one, she said, so we need to make sure that we don't do the injection in a bruised area. That means I'll have lovely bruising across my stomach while on this one.

3:30pm - We're finally done having been there for almost 4 hours. We head down to the pharmacy to pick up a refill on the Estrace and then head home with a detour for food. We finally got back home at 5:15pm.

Now you understand the title. :)

So now it's the two week wait and back for the beta blood test on the 25th.


LadyofAvalon56 said...

Thinking all the positive, sticky thoughts I can. Glad V is making you lay still and think of nothing other than percolating those little guys (girls?) in.


Mums_the_word said...

Ooops... I think it was my retrieval he was doing when you showed up. We were told to be there for 10:45, and by 12:15 he hadn't shown up yet :p

Sending lots and lots of positive thoughts your way! (I think we passed you on our way out...)

Pam said...

Patti - thanks. I'm lying here not moving as I get the evil eye if I do. :)

Mums_the_word - I thought that was you leaving too. :) Nice to "meet" you. Hope you guys get great news on the numbers and fert report. And good luck with the upcoming transfer.