Thursday, March 20, 2008


That would be nine days past three day transfer for you uninitiated. It would also mean, 9 days of the 14 days in the 2 week wait. Time is crawling. But I've told you that. I have no symptoms. I saw my family doctor yesterday for an unrelated issue and brought her up to speed on where we were. She's knows our RE quite well and has nothing but good things to say about him. In any case, I was lamenting that I had no symptoms, my boobs didn't hurt (there's you go BIL) and I was stressing. She says at this early stage I shouldn't feel anything and no my boobs shouldn't hurt. As my wise friend Patti said to me earlier today, much of those symptoms we all look for are probably caused by the meds we're on. So, I asked my doctor what was the earliest I could POAS given that our beta is scheduled for March 25th. She said "why would you want to do that?". I told because this wait was stressing me out. So I asked her again, kind of hoping she'd say the weekend. However, she says that it's science and the clinic doesn't want to see you before the day they say so if I insist on POAS then not before the 25th (with a wry grin) and go and enjoy my weekend. :) She's been my doctor for a very long time and says things straight up. V likes her because she doesn't give us crap about stuff. So, I am going to do my darndest and take her advice and not POAS until the morning I am to go in for my beta. Sigh. I hope I last that long.

I'm hoping a four day weekend will help. I've really only got Good Friday off, but V gets Monday off too so I've booked the day off to relax and chill before Tuesday, and hopefully catch up on stuff that's on the PVR. We're off to visit my BIL and family in Ottawa and play with my nephews this weekend. It's been a while since we've seen them. And we're finally going to hook up with Gil and her hubby who live in the same area as my BIL!! We've only been trying for our last 2 visits to the Capital. This will be so cool!


LadyofAvalon56 said...

I wouldn't exactly call me "wise", hon. All I know is what I've experienced: after several cycles of feeling "symptoms" with nothing showing up and then falling pregnant on a month where I felt nothing out of the ordinary, I've learned that I can't trust what I feel to guide me in this.

I know that there are some people that say they know they're pregnant from the moment of conception (or shortly thereafter), but that ain't me.

Hang in there this weekend. I'm thinking of you.

Dtrini said...

Tooo easy, nm. ;-)

Mums_the_word said...

Sounds like a nice busy weekend to help keep your mind occupied, anyway ;)

Hoping for great news for you on Tuesday *fingers crossed*

Aurelia said...

I agree with your doc to the extent that I think if you are going to test, you should test every single morning until your beta, or not at all. And frankly, on a long weekend where you are away, why add the extra stress of testing. Just work on the assumption that you are pregnant and think good thoughts until all evidence is proved otherwise.

Say hit to Gil!

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