Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not much to report on the TTC front **UPDATED*

(TMI warning for the male readers)

I haven't heard anything from the agency or the clinic if the donor has gotten her period or not. I really hope she has. Maybe I'll be a pest and email to find out. ;) Meanwhile I've been off birth control for 5 days. Yesterday I started spotting and such. I find it really hard to tell when CD1 is during these "pill periods" because they are so different than my normal cycles. Usually I spot for an afternoon but get flow by the evening and it's obvious by the next day I've got my period. These cycles are weird. Yesterday I started spotting but it changed from brownish to reddish some time in the afternoon. Today it's much of the same; no real flow, but it's red, and sometimes bright red. So now I'm torn between deciding if today is CD1 or yesterday is CD1. The only thing impacted by this decision is when I am to restart the pill. I've been told start it on CD2. So, is that today or tomorrow? I'm leaning to today which means I've got to take it when I get home, and then take it tomorrow morning for CD3 so I'm back on my regular morning routine. Sigh. I really hope we get past this stage.


So as of today (Saturday) I haven't heard anything back from the agency but I emailed the nurse who coordinates the donors to see if she knew anything further about the status of the donor. Basically she said that they're still waiting. She hasn't had a full flow period in a month but she's had some stressful happenings that may have affected things. She's got an appointment for bloodwork on Monday to see where she is in her cycle and when they can get her started on her meds. She has been on birth control during this time. So, all we can do is wait. She's knows we're anxious to start and frustrated by the delay. But the best thing she said was "I have a good feeling about this. We've had good success in the past using this donor." So, all we can do is continue to wait and hope that we're able to being shortly. I'm a little more optimistic now about our success since we've sort of been told that she's a proven donor. That's information we don't get from the agency.

Anyway, that's it. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


thrice said...

I wouldn't make yourself crazy about this. I was always told that the first day is the day (before 11:59) that you need to wear a tampon or a pad. And the orientation nurse said if you aren't sure at let's say 10 pm, go to bed, so when you wake up you know that will be cycle day 1. Ultimately, if your not sure, it's okay to make the following day cycle day 1. Good luck.

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I have faced the same confusion from non-pill cycles. I have been told that brown=spotting and red=period, whether or not there is a flow.

I understand your frustration!

Pam said...

Well, I decided that yesterday was CD1 so I started the pill when I got home tonight. :) Now just to get an update from the agency about the donor. :)

Roni said...

You are on your way! Once things get going it goes much faster than you'd think.

I'm glad that you are moving forward. :)


daisy said...

I feel that I am somewhat of an expert now on waiting to start the DE cycle, and I can tell you that my expert opinion is that it sucks. Period. But on the otherhand I agree with Roni, you are on your way and I am very excited for you guys. I will be stalking you.

singletracey said...

Very good that you got some info you didn't have before.. But I can imagine your eagerness to start!

Pam said...

Daisy/Roni - I know once we get the go ahead, it will proceed quickly. I just want to get there. :) And go ahead and stalk me Daisy.

Tracey - welcome. Thanks for dropping in. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Pam!