Monday, September 03, 2007

Which came first? The sperm or the egg?

I was going to just put in a comment on the previous post but found the topic needed its own spotlight. I'll probably get in trouble for this but oh well; it won't be the first time.

The last time I checked, sperm is referred to as the "seed of life". This is from literature, movies and various religions. As much as the egg the female produces is the foundation of life, the spark that allows life to grow is provided from the male's sperm. As the genetic material, our chromosomes, are provided equally between the two, it would seem that neither is more important than the other. Neither side has been replicated artificially so if one part is missing, life simply is impossible.

Now, while I will more than concede that female donaters have a longer protocol, a move invasive procedure and more than likely a greater attachment to their "gift", I don't think ALL men who walk into a clinic, or agree for a friend, to "produce" genetic material to order RIGHT NOW should be painted with the same disconnected brush. A stranger may just toss-off in order to make a quick buck and has no thoughts of where that could eventually lead, but those who either know the person/couple it is going to or is donating for a higher purpose go through a lot more than a momentary euphoric feeling.

I cannot speak as one who donated for money but I can speak as one who is a part fo the process and I can surely say that the supporting role only has the invasive procedure missing from the equation. I get all of the worry, stress, concern, anxiety, joys and disappointments that my partner does and I would go so far as to say a bit more since I shoulder not only my own but hers as well. While I will agree we have it easier, I would never allow anyone to say we have it "easy".

Just a quick thought. :)



Kami said...

It is interesting how we seem to make a bigger deal surrounding egg donation compared to sperm donation. I don't know that I understand why.

When we picked an sperm donor we just picked it - on our own and then got it to the clinic in time for our IVF.

When that failed, we moved to DE. Not only was it much harder to find one (partly because local was so much less money and we had to be ready to cycle at the same time) BUT my clinic required both me and the egg donor to go through psychological testing.

Why do we ask female donors, "Are you sure you have thought this through?" and not male donors? Why do we expect couples to be able to make private decisions regarding their ability to parent a child from donor sperm, but not from donor eggs?

Dtrini said...

Very provoking questions. I suspect that it still has roots in the male-dominated society though. It's shows virility and prowess to produce healthy sperm while requiring an egg or not wanting to fertilize each one you produce means there good be something wrong mentally with you.

Our society is still more than a little backward in that regard for sure.