Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Clinic Update

So I went in today as requested. Nothing special to report. Because of the long weekend, they didn't have a report on the donor to know where she stood in terms of her cycle. I had received an email last week saying that she was expected to start her period in a few days but I didn't hear anything further if she had. So, they told me that they would get in touch with the donor agency and get back to me.

Well, they finally got back to me this afternoon and I am to continue on the pill for another 10 days and go back in on the 15th. Hopefully I'll be getting an email from the agency giving me an update on the donor's status as well. I'm thinking we're looking at first week of October for retrieval. We'll see.

UPDATE: I decided to email the donor agency to see what the donor's status was. She's been spotting the last day, so CD1 should be in the next 24hours!!

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Drowned Girl said...

Wow, you're finally underway!