Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Surgery Day Update (long post)

Hi there. Sorry I do not have my DW's writing style, but as she is not in a position to blog, I will update you for her.

We came in this morning just before 7AM and went to the pre-operation counter. We checked in with the woman there and Pam had her stamp my parking ticket (three-fifty a half hour otherwise, twelve maximum with stamp). We then went to sit in the waiting area while a moronic kids show played on Teletoon. The woman spoke to us and a couple there before us a number of times that we can manual change the TV if we wanted. She eventually came by to show us how to change the channel, but I suspected she was tired of the show (Totally Spies) that I was now getting into and she changed it to Royal Canadian Air Farce on the Comedy Channel and then left the area again.

The first lady was called in and she went to change. She came back and conversed with her husband for a bit and then went off. Another couple came in, checked in and sat down. Since Pam's surgery was at 8AM, we were starting to wonder when she was going to be called. Well, the next woman gets called, we look at each other and Pam goes to the counter to inquire why this next lady is ahead of her. Pam says she has surgery scheduled for 8AM and she thought she would be called already. INCREDIBLY, the woman at the counter, who had all this interaction with us, asks Pam if she "had checked in with me". Are you kidding lady? YES, yes we checked in with you, validated parking with you, interacted with you. BRIGHTNESS!!

So, after they figured out that Pam really should be in now, they hustled her off immediately. She came out a little later with a fetching little gown number, front and back. She kissed me goodbye (which felt really creepy and morbid, considering) and she went off with the nurse, who informed me that she would be in the operating room for two hours and then two more hours for recovery. I confirmed that I would be able to see her after four hours, said goodbye and then left to head off to work to whittle the time away.

Getting into the downtown office for the first time in a couple of months I think, was a nice change. I always have breakfast at the little shop downstairs; a BLT typically on an everything bagel and a Tropicana orange juice. I was one of the first people into the office, so I staked out the telephone booth as I normally (and illegally) do. Well, except for my normal conf call, and a whack load of stupid emails, I essentially pumped the dog most of the morning as my mind was with my wife and not on work. I had an errand to run (thanks Jane's Addiction) and then I headed up to the hospital to see what they did to my baby.

She's not there. It's almost one o'clock and she's not in her room. Seeing as they have a no visitor, quiet time between 1300 and 1500, I did not want to raise a stink and then have them turn around and kick me out. I fired up the old laptop and got to work. I emailed my MIL and BIL to let them know what was going on and I SMS'd my brother, plus MSN'd Mark (who I hope remembered to tell Patti), BT and MTL_froggie. Around 1:42PM, they started to wheel my DW into the room and promptly kicked me out while they readied the room. I got to smile at her, say hi and then watch her go into the room. A while later, someone came down to the sitting area at the end of the hall and told me it was okay to go in now.

Well, she was drugged up, on saline with a chaser of Gravol and tubed for pure oxygen. Tired. Sore. Tired. Headachy. Tired. I spoke with her for a bit, but she mainly drifted in and out of sleep. So, I stayed here (still here writing this actually) and when she fell into a deeper sleep, I popped out of the room and into the sitting area so I could continue working, MSNing and charging the laptop battery. When the staff determined that quiet time was over by bellowing down the halls, dropping stuff everywhere, and rolling the squeakiest and noisiest equipment on the floors, I figured I could go back in because she was going to be up anyhow.

I sat with her for a bit, did more computing then put the laptop to charge on the side table while I went off to see the doctor before she left. I went to the wrong floor and ended up in the Ankh Cafe so looked in to see if I could grab a quick snack as I had not eaten since my BLT. Uhm, no thanks; not that food. So back up to the doctor's floor and I caught her and her receptionist just before they left. I got the parking validated and then the news about how things went once the doctor was off the phone. She is actually really funny and personable and the reason why I insisted that she be the one to do the surgery; I trusted her and DW can tell you that I don't do that easily. Anyhow, she was very pleased with how the surgery went. She removed four (not the original three) fibroids, flushed the tubes and everything else and put everything back together. She said DW had a "beautiful uterus". Like the smartass that I am, I asked if she took pictures. Without missing a beat, she responded, "Sorry, no, we were in the wrong room for that." The doctor also mentioned that any births would have to be C-section. I said Pam would not care because she is not vain about the lines and such. Finally, the doctor said she did not want Pam getting pregnant for 3-6 months. Hmmm, I believe the number was just three before; Pam is not going to be happy. She wasn't.

(-blogging from home now-)

So, I went back upstairs to Pam and told her the information. I spoke with her brother on Skype and he was going to be on his way from work soon as he worked not too far from the hospital. Her mother was also on the way and would be by soon. Pam's various feelings and aches and pains will be expressed by her when she returns to blogging (she was too weak to do so yesterday). Brother and mother came by for a short visit around the dinner hour. Pam was able to get up and go to the bathroom while they were here; a good sign that she was already gaining her mobility back. Really, for the moment, that is all she needs to be able to do. I will be working from home as usual so can handle anything else until she is ready. Originally I was going to leave when my BIL and/or MIL arrived, but I did not feel like leaving yet, so I ended up staying well after they left, finally leaving around eight. I headed home to finish this blog but a panzerotto and wings, plus some sleep, got in the way. I am writing this at 5:30AM.

So the order of the day is for me to deal with some work items of urgency (there are lots) and to wait for her call as to when they will be releasing her. I'll go and get her and bring her home for some TLC. Knowing her, she will probably be online later this evening and will be able to give her POV on the experience. Take care everyone.


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Penny said...

Hubby passed on the good news to me at work via text message yesterday.

Send Pam my love and our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

The journey has now really begun, hasn't it?