Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Eagle has landed

DW is back at home. She is sore. She is tired. She is being a pest. Hmm, I don't think I see any changes. Anyhoo, (while I duck and wait) she has her trusty codeine-laced meds (she will give you the names) and is resting comfortbaly in bed. Well, geek that she is, she has a folding dinner table with the laptop on it so she can MSN me her needs when I am in the basement working. She will probably do a short post tonight and more as she heals. And, due to whatever circumstances, she may have to take care of some important work issues immediately. Yeah, yeah, I know, but I am the same way.

Thanks to all of your prayers and wishes and good thoughts and good words. We appreciate it all. I will blog again when I have somehitng meaning ful to contribute, or she is plain driving me batty and I need to send her off to work before I go starkers.


NOTE: Special thanks to Mark who graciously left work to brave the torrential downpour so that we did not have to pay or deal with parking. Much appreciated.


Penny said...

YAY! She's home!


Heal, woman! No work, just HEAL!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are home.
Take care of her Victor and don't let her work too much !!

Pam said...

Thanks. I'm glad to be home.