Thursday, July 27, 2006

For the record...

I am very excited about the prospect of holding new life in my hands; one shared by Pam and I. This is no way diminishes my unlimited love for my first born, but this would be a child between us that we experienced together from the start. There is a special bond to that set of experiences that you cannot manufacture or replace. So, while TC (the child) is a part of our family and a part of us, this will be on a different level. Yeah, I hear the Dr. Phil theme song too. Moving along.

I have no trouble spending money; anyone of our family and friends can attest to that. I do not tend to spend it frivolously unless it is something really cool (bluetooth headphones) or really unique (full boxed set of Friends and Matrix universe in their own unique cases). When we moved to the place we are in now, we had a large 19-ft living room to fill with stuff, so we did. Pam wanted the largest big screen available at the time so we bought it. We have watched it for nearly four years, hosted parties and sporting events (i.e. Superbowl, Stanley Cup Playoffs, World Cup Finals) and watched far too much TV and movies on it. We have a huge DVD collection (over 1100 at last count) because we love movies and I love the extras that come with them.

These are all things though. And make no mistake, for my wife's dreams, I would give them all up in a New York minute to make them come true. I remind my wife of the money issue because we simply do not have the funds in a bank right now; it will take time to raise them. As such, she needs to exercise realistic timelines and goals and leave the pie in the sky Gantt chart for the fairy folk. If it comes to liquidating every damn thing from the TV to the DVDs to the POS car she drives (the Roo stays) to the computers and assorted equipment, then it will work out that way. I don't know. She does not know. It will happen but it is not yet written how. So, all i want if for her to work within that realism.

If we have specific dates, then we can start working towards that date. We don't know Jack yet and frankly Jack will not appear until after her follow-up with the doctor, whose word is the only one that matters at the moment. When we have something concrete from her, Pam will be surprised at what I will do to ensure we have the funds when we need them. I will do things she has never seen me do (i.e. like move quickly). I will humble myself in ways she has yet to witness. She has no clue.

But she will.

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