Friday, July 14, 2006

Definitely feeling better

Third day home, feeling better, more mobile, still hurting but nothing extreme and I could finally shower. I think that was the best part. :) I've left the tape on over the incisions (vounds (not wounds) as my grandmother would have said). I think for now I'll let them come off on their own accord.

So I've been doing some work, catching up on blogs, reading and I heard this on the news. So of course I had to go find it on the net because for SURE there had to be an article or 12 about it. It seems that this couple went through IVF three years ago and had triplets. She thought, with two older daughters at the time, that after the triplets they were done. After all, that's a nice size family - 5 children. But it seems that without any kind of fertility treatment they managed to conceive quadruplets - the odds for that is 1:800,000. Now they are a family of 11. Mother and babies are doing well. Before the quads were born they were all living in a one bedroom apartment. It sounds like they are going to continue to live there. That's 7 children under the age of 3. I'm not sure I'd want to be their neighbour. :) Oh, and the father lays carpet. And honourable profession. Good he's not a plumber - someone would accuse him off laying too much pipe. ;) Hee hee. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anyway, this has become somewhat rambling. I mention this not because I think it's wrong and someone should have spoken to them about selective reduction because I don't think it's any business of mine. I wish them well, I'm glad everyone is healthy. I just wish it could have been me or one of "us" in the IF world. And it's not like I want quads. We'll be happy with one and ecstatic with two. I think terrified may be the right word if it were three. :) I know at my current age of 45 that if it I were in her position, I would want my doctor to make sure I knew all of the health risks to me and the babies so an informed decision could be made.

Anyway, I'm rambling and probably not making a whole lot of sense.

I wish the family well as I do with everyone out there who is cycling, on their two week wait, or currently pregnant. Good luck to everyone.


x said...

I am transfering three with my FET, SR is wieghing heavy on my mind. I cannot imagine natural quads - imagine being at that first ultrasound!

Pam said...

V. and I were talking about this last night and we feel selective reduction is a personal choice on a case by case basis. For some, based on the mother's health, and obviously the health of the fetus. In this case, obviously there was no compelling reason to consider it.

I think if I were in your shoes I'd be wanting to transfer 3 as well. I know that when we finally reach the point where we're doing retrieval and seeing how many actually fertilize that if we only got 3, I'd be asking for all of them to be transferred.

Good luck with your upcoming FET, Jen.

Anonymous said...

What annoys me about this case is not just the double-whammy of quads after IVF triplets (and the fact that she already had two older children -- I don't really consider that "secondary infertility", sorry -- as the older sister of twins, I am very sensitive to the "singleton" siblings of multiples), but that there's so much publicity, some of which is sure to trickle down to my in-laws and grandmother via Prevention or People magazine, and I'll hear comments about how "she just relaxed" and had quads without any medical assistance. : P Or that her having quads was proof that she never really had a fertility problem and IVF was a premature treatment.

I wish the family well, though, and I'm glad the quads are healthy -- but it sounds like they're going to be in straightened circumstances for a long time, with 11 people in a 1-bedroom apt. That's kind of sad.