Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What I did this weekend

I know that the first rule of blogging is that in order to keep readers coming back and interested, one has to post. But when there's nothing to report, what does a blogger do? So, I thought I'd tell you about my weekend.

Every year, usually on the Victoria Day long weekend, V. and I have the our first big BBQ of the summer. Because he and his Dad celebrate their birthdays within 4 days of each other and usually, on is on the long weekend, this has become the annual birthday bbq. And we have several other friends and family members who are also celebrating around this time. And when I say big, I mean big. The guest list is upwards of 80-100 people. Of course not everyone is able to make it, but we usually average 40-50 people.

In the past, the weather has usually been decent, but we've often had a sprinkling of rain. This year, in the hopes of better weather and more people being able to come, we moved the event to the next weekend, May 27th. We still averaged about 40-50 people, and as usual some were able to join us and others not. However, this year we had amazing weather. The sky was clear, no clouds, and the sun out. I believe the temperature was about 25C (about 77F). Everyone had a great time.

If you know me, I tend to stress for days prior to any event we host, when it comes to the food. V. can attest to that. Mainly it's because I don't have a firm number of guests so how can I adequately plan. However, I did better this year than in the past. I made homemade hamburgers, 64 to be exact, and only had 16 left. However, there is a fair bit of potato salad and couscous salad left. I think I'll be tossing out whatever V. hasn't eaten by tomorrow. As I said to him on Sunday, if we had the a bbq for our West Indian friends and family, I'd have run out of food. One day I plan to have that bbq. :)

Anyway, everyone had a good time. Now to prepare for the group coming June 3rd. :)


x said...

The weather was gorgeous this weekend, I had my brothers wedding. Family get togethers in the summer are the best, glad you had a good time.

Penny said...

The BBQ was awesome. We enjoyed ourselves completely.

Thanks again. :)