Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just checking in

Well, nothing going on right now. I will hopefully have something to update everyone with on Friday when V. and I go see Dr. L. for the ultrasound results. I'm not expecting to hear anything different than I've been told before regarding the type, locations or size of the fibroids, but it will be good to know everything in further detail than I've been told before. Plus it will be the first time that V. gets to hear it first hand and ask any questions he needs to ask.

I am realistic in that I don't expect her to tell me that there's been any cancellations. As a colleague said to me today, why would anyone really cancel their surgery unless there was a problem, if they've been waiting just as long. However, should she say that they've got a date earlier than July 11th, I'll take it. :)

Until Friday.

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