Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Retrieval - UPDATED!!!

Our donor had her retrieval today. I have no idea how many eggs they were able to get. Apparently they don't usually call with this number, just tomorrow with the fertilization report. My nurse said she'd find out and call me but I'm thinking since it's now 5pm, she forgot. I've sent her a quick email just in case she's still there, but I'm not expecting to find out anything until tomorrow.

Today went well for us. We got down about 9am. V went off to do his bit and I collected my progesterone in oil as well as prescriptions for more estrace and the fragmin. I also had the nurse give me the PIO shot as V was occupied. They like everyone to get all meds from the clinic, but I usually get them to write prescriptions for pretty much everything so I don't have to pay upfront and just have them go through on our plans. The PIO, however, is another story as they get it made specially for them and they like us to buy it directly from them. No big deal really it just means I have to manually submit the claim. Since I was getting the receipt for the donor's meds anyway to submit, it wasn't no biggie.

The only stressful part was the call I got yesterday from the billing department to let me know that the donor used more meds than were covered by our drug deposit and we had an outstanding balance. Not something you really want to hear or have to deal with on this particular day. They're really good though. She is well aware of how much people are spending (duh!) and how stress is not a good part of the mix, so she just wanted to be sure to let us know and have us make some arrangement prior to transfer so we aren't hassled about it on Saturday. V wasn't impressed by their timing but what can you do. Needless to say I spoke to the business manager today and we worked out something. Easy peasy.

So after I'd worked out everything with the billing department, gotten my meds and my PIO shot, I just sat down and waited for V before we both headed off to our respective employers. Today he was able to just walk to the office as he was working downtown. I on the other hand had to navigate across the city arriving at work at 11am.

So, if I find out anything tonight about the number retrieved I'll update here. Otherwise, look for a new post tomorrow. Meanwhile we're off to see Avenue Q tonight!!



20 eggs retrieved!!! She didn't say otherwise, so I'm hoping these are all mature. I'm ecstatic with this! We've never had this many before. I'll post later today when I find out how many fertilize.


DE Mommy said...

Fingers crossed for great news.

My head would pop off my body if I didn't know the number of eggs retreived, etc! But that's why I'm a nut!!

Sherry said...

woo hoo - 20 is a FABULOUS number! Good thoughts for a great fertilization report!!

Midlife Mommy said...

Good luck! I hope that you get great news.

Anita said...