Thursday, August 07, 2008

For the benefit of my LB

Working at the Car Wash... working at the car washer....

So, it would seem that even with my bloody ear ache, AND the jaw hinge and facial pains of the ever present impacted wisdom teeth, AND the wonderful world of Advil Extra Strength Gel caps flowing in my system, AND the lack of sleep AND the anxiety AND my not so helpful wife yesterday morning, that there was enough will in the "boys" to make the effort to do their part. After the washing to have only six of the 20 not respond is fabulous. I guess the boys work best after a good bath.

Are you gagging yet little brother? :)

Having done this before does NOT diminish the funny feeling one gets as a man, walking around the floor of the clinic with one's dirty little secret in a small brown paper bag. It's not the staff of the clinic but ALL the other women's eyes staring at you. Yes, they know what IT is for but they are still seeing IT in your hands being traversed about like nobody's business right in front of them. The looks are not "good on you man, way to go, nice stepping up there fella"... it is more along the lines of "uhm, you going to submit that or play with it longer? Hurry up and put IT away for crying out loud" or just plain "EWWWWWW".

We hope to one day soon, return back to those ladies and show them that a little paper bag goes a long way as we show off the fruits of Pam's labour. In the meantime, we'll keep washing. Oh yes, I had to get that last one in little one. Just. For. You.

Peace. :)


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what happens if you trip ...hmmmm

congrats on the real!