Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm home!

Finally, I'm home for good. Well, at least until January some time. I spent the last 7 days in Dal.las, which was nice from a weather perspective. However, my colleague who was doing the work down there with me was sick and being a man, doesn't know how to suck it up and do his share. Needless to say, I probably did about 80% of the work. However, I came home sick, again. Hopefully I can shake this quickly. We're hosting our annual Christmas Poker Potluck on Saturday (our turn this year) and I've got a few things to prep for that, as well as help V. get the house in order and the tree up. Then, next week is our annual Christmas Open House, so I've got to start baking and planning for that next.

I know V. already did, but I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words on my last post. It means a lot knowing that most of you can relate to the loss one feels. Since I've basically been working non-stop since mid way through the 2WW, I've not really had a chance to sit and be with V. I'm looking forward to finally being able to just snuggle up with him and watch tv or whatever.

We're planning on doing the FET in late January. We couldn't have done it this month because CD1 came while I was in Dal.las and I wouldn't have been able to get to the clinic on CD2. So, we've decided that we'll do it in late January. By my calculations, if my cycles stay their normal 28 days, I should get my next cycle at the end of this month, and then the January cycle should be in the 3rd week. I have one more business trip which is supposed to be in January and we want to wait until it's done with. I'm pushing for that trip to be the week of January 14th so I'm back well before I expect the next cycle. There shouldn't be a problem with that. And since that trip is in Calif.ornia, I'm hoping that V. can take some time and come on that one.

So, things are moving along. I've got enough to keep me busy until then.

If anyone would like to join us for the Open House, please let me know and I'll include you on the Evite.

Feliz Navidad!


thrice said...

I'm so sorry, some how I spaced out and didn't leave a comment after your last post. I am so sorry that you didn't have positive outcome.

I hope that your work and the holidays keep you busy and that your FET is here sooner than later.


Unknown said...

Looks like we may be cycle buddies again -- hope the outcome is better for both of us!