Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Well, it's CD17 of a normal cycle. Not much is going on. V. is sick with this cold that seems to be primarily a cough. Normally not a big deal except that last Thursday he had such a violent bout of coughing, we ended up in Emerg because he'd pulled or torn a muscle in his rib cage. He's now got to deal with a great deal of pain if he coughs and is trying very hard a) not to cough and b) not to re-injure himself. And on top of that, we get 25cm of snow on Sunday. Being the kind of man that he is, he insists that he's not going to let me clear it myself. We've got a double driveway that is about 1.5 car lengths long. Thank goodness we have a snow blower otherwise I'd have shovelled out two paths on each side to fit the wheels of the cars. Needless to say, we've got a nice clear drive, and with the supposed mild weather we're supposed to be getting (at least Toronto), it is supposed to all melt by Christmas. However, we live just east of Toronto, so I'm not sure that applies to us. I'll post some snow pics later.

(Sorry for the really disjointed post. Life is quite boring as we move towards our FET.)

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