Thursday, March 01, 2007

When the cat's away... (A TMI Production)

The mouse will take a few days off to clean up the garage and basement. :)

Now I understand why my dear wife scolded me for not keeping up on her blog. Her public apology was nice to see but not asked for or really necessary. I am admittedly a very quiet guy at times that comes out of his shell to socialize and party. I am also a very passionate guy and can be quite intense at times (though I am much better since the moment I met Pam). My only issue is that while we are on this journey, while we shoot for our dreams, we have to always keep in mind that time did not stop for us and that the rest of the world lurches forward. We have a child that requires (and indeed sometimes clamours for) attention. We have a roof, and vehicles, and food and other life necessities (yes, reality TV IS a necessity) that require our attention. AND we have the daily foibles at work that wants us to jump off of a building (or throw someone off).

So yes, I get a little agitated when she loses sight of our current life in search of new life. But I love her, so no worries. Have a great rest honey and enjoy the time with Mum.

Now, for my part, I am on-call this week so I never sleep properly. Worse, when Pam is not in the house, I don't sleep fully at all. Partly because she is the keeper of the alarm clock and partly because until she gets back, she is constantly invading my thought patterns. Very annoying at 3AM. Anyhow, the child and I will endure (she was crying big tears when Pam left, don't know the reason, females!), and we promised not to do take-out every night so we will figure those things out too.

On the quest for baby front, I have to make some time during my time off to head west to see our doctor and get my tests updated; all of them. As such, I have an appointment with a needle and a monkey. :)

I also am going to go see my family doctor for a routine checkup. I need to inform him of my current sugar levels (diabetes runs in the family and I am high risk), have him check my dry skin (I'm whiter than usual which is not normal for a black guy), have him check my sprained/strained muscle/tendon on my left hand (which I insist on re-injuring all the time) and have him check the first digit of the fourth finger on each hand. They has been hurting for some time and refuses to heal so I admit that I am a little past worried about why (and why the same joint on the same finger on both hands).

Add all of that to numerous errands that will take me back and forth across the GTA (car stuff in Mississauga, visit father and cousin in Brampton, mother in Milton, mechanic in Scarborough, possibly friend(s) in Newmarket, geek stuff in Scarborough and Markham and stuff near home in Ajax) and I have a busy couple of weeks. Oh yes, there is also the ever looming cleaning out of the garage and basement in time for the start of April and the biggest, baddest Garage Sale that Ajax has ever seen. There is a lot more going up for sale than our friends may realize. Plus, a couple of friends and family may add their items to the mix. I also want to bond with the neighbours and see if they want to co-ordinate into a full street session so that we get maxmium exposure and traffic. It is also a good way to meet everyone. We have a nice mixture on our street and in our neighbourhood so it will be nice to meet everyone. Hmmm, maybe a nehigbourhood garage sale! Oh yeah, now I am thinking BIG!!!

OK, I am done for today. Yapping on the Crackberry with Pam in her 26C weather in Florida and watching the storm whipping past the 17th floor windows here are not conducive to my idea of fun. Heading out to pick up the child from school and get our butts back into Ajax (home of the 20-car train derailment on CN Rail). Take it easy everyone and I will post again later.


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