Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's a Go!

We've got the money!

Due to the extreme generosity of an unnamed, and totally unexpected mystery benefactor, we are now able to plow ahead full steam. "Whew" simply does not express the relief we feel. "Thank you so very much" does not even begin to express our gratitude.

When I got the call on Thursday I was rendered speechless. Anyone who knows me can attest to that it doesn't happen very often. :) There was a silly ass grin on my face for the rest of the day and I couldn't get any work done.

Anyway, what does this mean you're asking? Well, D. has one more test she needs to get done and she's going to try to do it this week. V. has his bloodwork and SA to do but he's assured me he's going on Monday for sure. His results should be back in by the end of the week I hope, but I'll make sure he asks when he's there so I can get everything faxed to me asap. I've emailed the clinic in Montreal and told them we're good to go and advised of upcoming CD1s and requested an appointment. D's cycle is due on the 19th and mine is due on the 17th, so time is of the essence, and timing looks really good.

That's all I know for sure.

Can you see my happy dance? :)))))))


LadyofAvalon56 said...

Your benefactor is an amazing person who loves you very, very much.

I am not the benefactor, but I love you guys, too!

I cannot WAIT for this. I am so excited on your behalf that I could bounce around the room.

Gil said...

I'm so excited for you both! I am sure that whoever your benefactor is, he/she cares so much about you both and is pleased to be able to help. You're so blessed in this; I know it is something you will remember forever.

And yes, looks like we'll be cycling 'round about the same time. I'll be checking up on you!

Hugs hugs from Ottawa!