Monday, March 05, 2007

It's only Monday.

Hard to miss my wife when we are Crackberry messengering each other daily. She is having an alright time in Florida, not without some discoveries. I am having an alright time in the cold here in Ajax; no discoveries worth mentioning. The child has stopped herself from calling out to her mother a number of times; once when falling down the stairs (she's fine) and another time to ask her opinion on something. As always, I am restless at night when she is not home and not on MSN for me to talk to her so I am not sleeping right. I also rarely make it to bed as there is no point.

Anyhoo, my previously well-scheduled week off has gone to hell in a handbasket as life intrudes on the best laid plans. I am at work today playing catch-up and clean-up. I am home tomorrow but not free to relax as the oven repair dude will be over. Wednesday I am helping my sister finish moving. I still have to schedule my doctor's appointments and figure out when I can get out to the west end. Oh yeah, somewhere in all of that I have to find time to do the things I took four days off to do in the first place. (EDITORS NOTE: Almost forgot I have a major feud brewing with Rogers Inc. that I have to go to their headquarters and calmly persuade them to the correct line of thought: We are wrong sir, you are correct. Things will be escalated as need be if I do not get satisfaction for their latest screwup.)

Ah well, such is life. All that is important is that I get into to do my blood work and sperm analysis so that we stay on track. My wife is depending on me and I do not intend to let her down.



wizdom said...

you forgot the tmi warning...



line those soldiers up!

Dtrini said...

I had such a "comeback" for this but I'll be good instead. :)