Friday, March 09, 2007

Well, it's right off the rails now.

My week, instead of getting progressively better, fell right off the tracks mimicking the CN derailment in Ajax last week. Everything that could disrupt my week did. The biggest time-waster of them all was having to deal with an "ass"inine, ignorant appliance guy to try to get the stove/oven repaired or replaced. He wasted three days of my life while I sat around and waited for him to arrive. When he did, he had the audacity to cop an attitude with me. Anyone that knows me knows I despise ignorance so he got it in spades, both barrels. Needless to say, he won't be stepping foot into this house again and the owner is looking to replace our appliances with new ones.

Add that to a work backlog that has kept me hopping, my sister's moves, the car in the mechanic shop and shuttling the child back and forth to school (we've decided to make a change in that respect but she does not know that yet), and it has made for a very full week. Unfortunately, it has also made for a very stressful week and (TMI little brother), I know I won't be able to give it my all when it comes to romancing the plastic cup. I just do not have the concentration or right frame of mind to perform adequately. And I am not doing this more than I have to, not without dinner, a movie and some assistance (or two, or three, or...)

So, I am back on-call at work next week and I have no backup as my partner is on vacation for the March Break. As such, next week is not possible for me to take any time. Since tmy vacation essentially hit the proverbial fan, I am commuting it to the week following March Break. I will be relaxed, I will have the time and no outside commitments or distractions and I will have my wife cheering me on from the hallway with pompoms. OK, she probably will refuse to actually do that but whatever helps in my head, right? :)

Unfortunately too as a casualty of this disastrous week, nothing I planned to have done before she returned has been done. I hope to clean the house up nicely this weekend and maybe get the office organized. Beyond that (i.e. basement and the garage) will have to wait until I truly take some time off. OK, must run now to get the child in early as she has a science project to sign up for (her element of choice is Copper, as her dear old dad suggested). Much ado to blog later, or something like that.


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