Thursday, January 18, 2007

The other side of the coin.

Based on recent conversations and events, I thought I would open up a discussion that is not necessarily wanted or pleasant but required and truthful. Basically, two questions come up when one has been trying as we have, "What do we do now (when the current path hits an impasse)?" and "What do we do if/when things do not go as planned?" By no means should you take this as Pam and I giving up or no longer fighting for the family we want. I just tend to be the realist in the family and I try to be upfront and deal with things in a very frank manner. Not everyone responds well to this approach and, well, TS.

This whole process is not an easy one and not for the faint of heart or with a lack of will. One is essentially telling mother nature/God/deity of choice "screw you, we are doing this anyhow". So, the going will not being easy when you have told the celestial forces to perform an anatomical impossibility. It's even more rough when you are going it alone without support. Thankfully, we are blessed in that regard because so many people want this as much for us as we want it ourselves. My mother and father have called with various "remedies" and helping items that is supposed to elevate fertility (nothing has worked yet, obviously). My brother wants a playmate for his little lad. My sister loves the thought of being an auntie again. We have friends jockeying for position to be his or her Godparents (a pseudo-role since our child will be raised Jewish). We have a friend who upon hearing of the start of our quest, stepped up and volunteered to provide the second component of life; a mental, spiritual and physical donation and sacrifice that goes beyond words. We also have lots of cousins with children of their own that really want this for Pam as much as anything. All that support is a real bolster.

So, with all of that behind us, it does get hard when obstacles arise and things appear stagnant and it just seems like the negative celestial forces are winning the battle. This is the test of our mettle and our resolve. We may be weak and despondent from the struggle but we will persevere to the very end. I really believe in miracles and I do believe that some come through hard work. So, I am sounding my battle cry for renewed strength and resolve in our quest. Personally, I will have to exhaust some areas I had hoped not to have to visit but in our quest, I will have to grease up, grab my ankles and take one for the team, so to speak.

I'll let you know how Operation: At Any Cost enfolds once it is enacted. Stay tuned dear readers. This is about to get interesting. :)


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LadyofAvalon56 said...

You know that we are here for you at any cost, too.

I am bound and determined to get your wife knocked up (well, you know what I mean).

You are like family to us and we WILL overcome!