Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dear Want Ad...

Okay - I saw this today on a free advertising website, one that V. and I use all the time. It's basically a Canada-wide buy and sell type site. Has items for sale, job listings and such. I was browsing the job listings and found this. My guess is that she really wants a live in babysitter, someone to care for her baby. Wouldn't you agree?

Surrogate Mother

Need someone to carry our baby.
Should be in good health.
Non-smoker and non-drinker.
Can provide a place to live with us and food.
Amount of Money to be discussed.
A Single Mother with a child is the best.

Contact xxxxxxxxxx at xxx-xxx-xxxx

Thank You very much God Bless You


wizdom said...

Why do you think so?

Pam said...

I could be wrong. It seems an odd place to "advertise". Plus the wording when she says she wants a single mother with a child. However, in re-reading it, perhaps I am incorrect in my statement.

LadyofAvalon56 said...

Sounds to me like they're really advertising for a surrogate mother.

It does seem like an odd place, but then where does one advertise for a surrogate mother?