Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary, DW!

Just a short post on this Friday the 13th.

While this is typically thought of as a bad or unlucky day, it is a very significant day for our family. I proposed on a Friday the 13th over four years ago. Today, we celebrate our fourth anniversary as husband and wife and tenth year as friends, confidants and soul mates. It may not fall under the traditional years of celebration but having gone through some of our challenges, every year is a year worth celebrating and we try not to take that for granted.

So, to my lovely, cherished and always appreciated wife, I say thank you for completing me and making life worth living. I love you now and always.

Your Hunny Bunny.


Pam said...

Thank you my love. I hope we have many more together. Happy Anniversary.

LadyofAvalon56 said...

Happy Anniverary, you two!

Looking forward to celebrating on Sunday with you. :)

Io said...

Gah. That was really sweet.
Happy anniversary!

Syrlinus said...

Happy Anniversary you two! :)

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

Happy Anniversary and a beautiful post.

Here from IVP Blogger.

Aurelia said...


JW Moxie said...

Happy Belated anniversary to the two of you! Such a sweet, sweet post!

Pam, I put this on my blog, but I wanted to comment over here also so that you saw it:
Pam, congratulations on your recent weight loss! The Wii Fit is definitely in my plans. I plan on making the purchase within the next couple of weeks. I'm glad to hear that it's working out for you!