Monday, June 09, 2008

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Okay, to answer the question of which was the lie in the last post.

1. I was in University and my friend Gina suggested we go apply to be on the show, Jackpot. I think we may have blown off classes that day to head down to an open call. We had to complete a "test" of sorts which was timed and essentially was to test your trivia knowledge. We made it past that level onto the simulated game. We were told to be excited etc etc. Neither of us got picked to be on the show. In those days Canadian shows usually gave away kitchen appliances. :) Nothing like Deal or No Deal.

2. I've always enjoyed cooking have always done the baking my mother needs for parties and such. I even have two difficult to find cookbooks by a french pastry chef. V laments often that he doesn't get to sample any of the items I've made from these books. I've been asked by friends and family why I haven't gone into catering or cooking. The main reason is that it will no longer be fun and will become work.

3. In high school, I was never on the school team that competed on Reach for the Top. I've never been on any school team that involved using my brain. :) I was a lazy student and hated applying myself. I did participate in sports teams, at least in grade school. - so this was the lie.

4. I won an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii from a Canadian website at the end of 1999. I wasn't even the first person whom they had drawn. The first person couldn't be reached or wasn't responding to emails. I had only several days before updated my profile information. We didn't believe I'd won until we had the tickets and itinerary info in hand. The trip covered air, hotel and breakfast/dinner at a very nice hotel on the beach in Waikiki. Because of that we were able to do more day trips than we may been able to otherwise. I was a great trip and we want to go back.

5. I really did live around the corner from Anne Murray. I was in high school, so it was about 30 years ago and we'd see her out with a stroller when her kids were quite small. She moved out of our neighbourhood several years later.

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