Thursday, February 28, 2008

It never hurts to ask

So today is CD2. And, so on the coldest day of the year I got myself up out of my warm bed to go down to the clinic. Mind you I had to keep my fingers crossed that Max would start this morning (he did but he doesn't like the cold).

I arrived at the clinic at about 8:50am this morning expecting to find a full waiting area for blood work, and a longish list for the ultrasound. At my clinic you have to sign up on the blood work sheet, sign up on the ultrasound sheet and sign up on your doctor's sheet. My name was the next name to be call on all the lists AND the doctor was in and running on time. After hitting the bathroom (I'd had a large tea on my 1hr+ drive to the clinic) I went over and had blood taken. After that I went and sat in the waiting area until I heard my name called. It seems that the person that calls the names from the ultrasound list feels that saying it at a barely audible level is sufficient for people to hear their name. I usually sit right up near where she stands so I can be sure to hear her. Someone who was right behind asked if her name had been called to which the reply was "I called everyone". I doubt anyone other than me actually heard her call out the names. Anyway, I was finally called and went off to get the ultrasound done by one of my favourite techs. Immediately after she said not to go back to the waiting room (the normal procedure) be cause the doctor was "right behind me" meaning he was ready for me. She put me in one of the offices to wait for him and sure enough, within 10 minutes he was there.

First thing out of his mouth was "it's been a long time. what took you so long to come in?" And all with a big smile because he was glad to see me. :)

I explained about the delay because of Christmas and the travel in January for work. I then mentioned we had wanted to start with the January cycle but our car woes started then and we couldn't. I then told him about the problems we had this past month with Max and asked if it would be possible to start the cycle and pay the balance (we've paid a third already) by the end of March as V. has said we should be able to. He was fine with that and said sure no problem. I did not tell him that I'd asked our nurse just before the end of January if we'd be able to cycle and pay afterwards and she'd said the business office had said no. Well of course they'd say no. I know she didn't even ask him. Anyway, that's water under the bridge. So I asked him two questions. The first - what were their success rates on a FET (40-50) and second - what can we do to increase our chances of success. The change in protocol below is the answer to the second question. I was just on Estrace and PIO last time. Plus all FETs are done with assisted embryo hatching at transfer.

So, it's a go!!! We're cycling now. I've been put on Estrace, 4mg three times a day (at least I believe they are 2mg tabs), 5mg of prednisone once a day and the 81mg low dose aspirin once a day. I go back in 10 days for a lining check. He said that transfer day was flexible but I'm not sure, if CD12 is a Sunday if that means we can delay transfer to CD17 so that I have the weekend to relax. I'll have to find out when I go back in. I also found out from the nurse who was going over the protocol with me that he's also requested a fragmentation injection (I think that's what she called it) on day of transfer. I asked what that was for and she said to prevent clotting so I ask her if that was heparin. She said yes and confirmed that I'll have to continue heparin injections with the PIO when we go to transfer.

So, that's where we stand right now. I'm thrilled we're able to move forward this month!


Anonymous said...

Good to be moving forward again.
I totally feel your vehicular pain.

Fingers crossed.

thrice said...

Indeed, it never hurts to ask.

Unknown said...

Hooray! I am glad you talked to the doctor yourself! I read these stories and feel SO lucky to be at a clinic only 5 miles from my house!