Monday, February 25, 2008


Since V. has updated you all on the ongoing saga of my car you know I'm frustrated. It seems that there is a force greater than us directing things right now. However, I intend to look it in the eye, much like the cold I refuse to get from V., and tell it where it can get off. Today is CD27 and I am calmly waiting for CD1 this week. That could be Wednesday or Thursday. Whenever that will be, I will go down to the clinic on CD2, subject myself to the bloodwork and ultrasound and see the doctor. I will be upfront with him about our financial set back this month and keep my fingers crossed that he will allow us to do the cycle and pay during/following. I'll have to confirm with V. but I think we'll be able to pay something on account in about 2 weeks. I'm just not sure if we can pay the balance off during March. If the doctor says no, then so be it and I'll be back at the end of March. I know borrowing the funds isn't an option because I had a conversation about our car woes with the "lender" and there was nary a bite. I didn't ask either and I don't plan to at this point.

So, a couple of more days and I should know our fate.

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