Saturday, May 26, 2007


Okay, so you saw my post the other day where I listed out what we've got to do. Well, we chose a donor! We were receiving the profiles on Friday and as promised they arrived in my Inbox at 12:23pm. I'd been chatting with V. on MSN all morning and sent him a message that we got seven profiles. I didn't get a response within a couple of minutes so I sent him a message to his blackberry letting him know. Turns out he had slipped out to grab some lunch and was heading back in a few minutes. I told him I'd forward the emails to him but I wasn't going to make any comments about any of them, or tell him who my top choices were. I wanted him to go through them and let me know what he thought. So, by the time he got back to his desk, I'd already gone through the profiles, printed them out, highlighted various important bits of info like such as age, height (I'm only 5'1"), and if anyone in their histories had various illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks and the like. I also had selected my top choice.

So V. gets back to the office, looks through the profiles and using MSN, we discuss the merits of each donor. Right off the bat he eliminates one because she's 5'10" and her medical history doesn't jive with what we want. I had eliminated another for similar reasons. After about 10 minutes he narrows it down to two and tells me his first choice. Without my input he had come up with the same top two as I did AND the same first choice as me. How great is that!!! AND is that she's already matched le so we're the second couple for the shared cycle, which means we'll be able to start as soon as possible. So, I call the agency with V. (I conferenced him in) to speak with the matching coordinator so we can tell her we've decided. In order to lock in a donor, you've got to call as soon as you decide as someone else may want her as well. Well, suffice it to say, the coordinator couldn't believe we decided in about 20 minutes. However, we then found out that there were additional expenses that would have to be covered above and beyond the agency fee. We knew there may be, but the amount was significant and required that we re-think our choice. So, we told her we would take the weekend to decide. However, after 10 minutes, V. and I still wanted her so I had call to make to see if we could finalize the funds that we still required. Half an hour after that, we were set financially. However, when I called back to the agency, it turns out that she'd left early because of the long weekend in the US. That's okay because I left her a voice mail cpnfirming our choice and as she says, first come first serve, and be sure to leave a voice mail. Needless to say, I'll be calling her first thing Tuesday morning to get her to send me the contract so we can get it signed and notarized and returned with the final payment.

So that is another thing to mark as DONE on the list. :) Woohoo!!! Can you see my happy dance?

Next on the list was the sonohysterogram. (TMI alert) The doctor had mentioned wanting to check if my tubes were clear, even though I've had this done a couple of times and they were. So, because it had to be done between CD6 and CD10, I went in today, which is CD7. It turns out he didn't want to check my tubes, but just my uterus. This is why V. posted what he did earlier. When reading posts of other people who are going to be having sono's asking about them and if there is any pain and such, I've always been surprised, because in my experience I've never had any pain during or following the test. And it always surprised me when others would indicate how painful it was and such. Well. Oh. My. God. It definitely hurt today. Sure I had a full bladder and that is never fun when having an ultrasound. But holy crap! It was definitely different than before. And of course afterwards I've had cramping for the better part of the day. Not fun.

Anyway, that's where we are. I figure by a week Tuesday, we should be all set with our donor. The agency will contact the clinic and let them know and the clinic will contact me. On CD2 of my next cycle I'm to call the clinic if they haven't called me. Everything at that point revolves around when the donor's cycle is due. So, right now I don't know anything about timing, but I figure that we should be starting in the next 3-5 weeks.

I'll keep you all posted. :)


Thalia said...

great news that you are matched. It's all happening!

LadyofAvalon56 said...

Oh my God, I am SO excited for you two! I'm doing my own happy dance for you over here. Oh oh oh oh I wish you could see this. This one beats the happy dance I did when I found out you were moving closer to us!

Thinking nothing but positive vibes for you two!

wizdom said...

happy happy joy joy

I am doin the dance as well....

whoooooo yeah!

Pamplemousse said...

Great news , Pam. I know it can feel like you will burst with the waiting but once you get going, it will fly!