Friday, May 04, 2007


It's been 4 weeks now and I have to say that even if this doesn't help in terms of prepping my uterus for transfer later, I definitely feel better. I am more relaxed after the treatments (nearly fell asleep the other week) and I seem to have more energy. I enjoy these treatments because the interns performing the treatment seem to enjoy what they're doing.

C. was assigned to me at the first session but had two weeks off because the students were between two terms so I've see two other interns, both good. But C was back this week. She and I are about the same age, or at least reasonalbly close in age. We have commonalities in terms of shows we watched as kids (or at least as teens) and movies we've seen. What was funny this week is that J, who treated me for my second session is 26. We were discussing John Travolta and Saturday Night Fever and also Welcome Back Kotter. He knew of the movie but had never heard of the show. We both laughed and told him to rent it.

In any case, I believe, with everything I've read, that these treatments are beneficial. Once we've got a donor in place and we know when the protocol will be starting, and subsequently when transfer will be, we will up the treatments to two per week.

And, one more thing. C. has offered to answer any questions anyone may have regarding acupuncture. So, either post them in the comments or send me an email and I'll pass them on.

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Anonymous said...

I have been doing acu, and herbs, for about 18m. There is definite evidence it helps with ET.

I think if you have a good acupuncturist (or apple puncher as my little boy coined the phrase yesterday, lol) then they really can do a lot for you. But it sounds like some aren't experts in fertility and maybe aren't that effective.

I had acu when pg with my son as I was worried he was posterior. There is good evidence for acu/moxibustion turning breech babies, so I thought maybe it would help. The acu did treatments to cause mild contractions, and they did work. When he was ovderdue, she switched to induction and preparation for labour/stamina. I had hypnotherapy too. In the end, he was born in 3 3/4 hours with no drugs. So I figure something worked!

With my mc before last, my first cycle after was very delayed. I didn't ovulate and my AF just didn't come. I asked her to bring it on so I could start a new cycle. She did a treatment and AF came the next day.

So I am a believer.

I hope it helps us both with out DE IVFs!