Monday, October 30, 2006

It's never an easy road, is it?

Well, it is two days to November and to say there is some anticipation and agitation means that one would not have a clue. Forget the whole "life changing experience" that we are trying to engage in, let's just deal with trying to create the timing to create the experience. This week, Pam is off to Chicago on work-related items until Friday. I am on call this week so I could not go with her. That and the fact that on Saturday morning, I am leaving with a buddy and his friends to wing it down to Buffalo enroute to Las Vegas. So, by the time she gets home, we may have twelve hours together before we are apart for another week.

Oh yeah, throw in everyday stress, work stress, stress with the child, worrying about financing this little adventure, worrying about ill friends and family and anything else you can throw into the pot and it does not make for a very relaxed evening.

Oh yeah, don't let me forget our upcoming move. Not only from one house to another, one postal code to another, one city to another, one area code to another. For me, this is a huge deal because as a Taurean, I am not real up on change. To clarify, I love the idea, just VERY slow to execute it. So, even though this is only two suburbs away, this is really difficult for me in a way. I have lived almost all my 36 years in Canada in Scarborough (with brief stints in Toronto, Markham and North York). Over 20 of those years were never lower than Sheppard, nothing higher than barely over than Finch. I am looking forward to moving into the house in Ajax (still a rental but brand new). Sad to be further away from certain friends and family but glad to be near my sister (20 mins), my Godson (15 mins), RS (7 minutes driveway to driveway, she measured) and some friends in Whitby (15-20 mins each); not to mention the mounds of people we know in Pickering that will see us more often now. Well, maybe not. :)

So, there is a lot of stuff going on in November. I just want to make sure we can concentrate on the task at hand. I know that sounds a bit cold but let's face it here. We need the optimum conditions for both Pam an myself. We need to be relaxed. We need the right temperatures and indicators. We need the absence of inhibitors. We also need a clean room. None of which really lends to a whole romantic feeling in the process. I know there will be a certain amount of that in that we are both excited to give it the old, natural college try again but I am resigned to the truth and reality that this is going to be all baby-making sex this month. We are going to perform and perform often and I am simply going to have to live with that and like it.

Sigh. All that necessary, mandatory sex. Woe is me. ;-)

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wizdom said...

all work huh, sucks to be you!!!

let me know if you need any

we are praying hard for ya