Friday, October 06, 2006

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Sorry I haven't been around. There's really not much going on here. It's just a waiting game for time to pass so we can move on to trying on our own and then if that doesn't work, moving to IVF. There are periods where it feels like time is standing still, and then others where the weeks ar flying by. Right now - it's standing still. As you know we have to wait until November before we can start trying. That's still a month away. There is stuff to occupy me at work but the time is still going to go slowly. Sigh....hopefully something will turn this around.

That's it. I'll try and post more frequently. :)


Penny said...

Didn't mean to pressure you..well, not much anyway. :oP

Time keeps truckin' on, hon. Hang in there.

Just countdown to your next cycle to start..and then you can countdown to V's return from his trip...and so it goes!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pam...November is almost here. I just looked at \the calendar and realized it's already a week into October!

Thalia said...

I can only imagine how slowly the time is passing. I hope by Halloweeen things will be feeling much better. Only 3 weeks to go!

Dtrini said...

Things are moving along more quickly now (read recent posts). She is rested and there will be more postings soon.