Sunday, October 29, 2006

Away again

Well, I'm away again, but this time for work. I'm in Chicago with a colleague to upgrade servers and desktops at our plant here. My brother and his family live here so I've just returned from spending the evening with them. My niece and nephew are 10 and 15. They are smart, funny, and I love spending time with them. Tonight we carved pumpkins. It was a nice way to begin the trip. I'm here until Friday and then I get back and V. is away for a week. It sucks that we're apart for almost 2 weeks (with just Friday night together). However, there's enough to keep both of us occupied while home alone since we're moving in a month. It's almost November which means I'm anxiously awaying the arrival of me period (sorry, TMI) because that means that V. and I can start to try again. Timing should work such that when he returns from his Vegas trip with the guys it will be time to try in earnest. The only thing that will/can bugger up this plan is if my company sends me to Dallas the week of November 13. Hopefully this will work out for us. Our fingers are crossed.

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