Friday, September 01, 2006

Hello, I lost my calendar, so...

Can ya tell me if it is November yet? Not yet? Dang. Ok, I'm fine. I can deal with it. No problems here. Thankfully, I am not in a Seinfeld bet.

Time moves so slowly when you want something to happen and so quickly when you need more time or you are trying to avoid doing something or having something happen. This year, with all going on, it feels like time just likes using me as a pinata and decides when to screw me over. While it is seemingly standing still as we try to press forward, it is whipping along in many other respects. Ah well, learn to deal with it right?

Ok, now, how about now? Is it November yet?


Penny said...

Okay, what you need to do is break it down into smaller pieces (can't eat the whole pie in one piece...shut up, V, I didn't mean it that way).

For example: November is only 9 weeks away. Still seems like a lot? Okay. Well, it's labour day weekend. Next holiday is Thanksgiving and that's only six weeks away. Then comes Hallowe'en (I have constume suggestions for us, by the way - who's having the party?) and then WHAM! It November!

Still not good enough?

Okay. Well, according to what you told me, you've got two periods to live through. Just two.

See? Now it doesn't seem so far away, does it?

Pam said...

It's not that far away. Think of it this way.... you're going to Vegas with the boys November 4th. That coincides with the last period before we can start trying again. So by the time you return with all your winnings, it will be time to start trying again. You think this feels far away, but you told me yourself that the trip doesn't seem so far away. So what is it? Can't have it both ways. :)