Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Progress is normal (TMI for some)

I'd say my recovery is progressing at a normal rate, apart from my lapse in judgement this weekend when we went to visit my BIL and SIL in Ottawa who have a 23 month old. Auntie was in high demand. Considering I was a little sore the next day, I probably did a bit too much with him, with the lifting and all. But it was fun!

From a cycle perspective (TMI to follow), I got my period for the first time since the surgery and it was right on schedule. For that alone I was thrilled. I've always been 28-29 days like clockwork, and sure enough, 29 days it was. Plus, the best part (if there can be a best part for this) is that it was a normal flow. None of this "the flood gates have opened run for your lives" flow. No longer do I need to use double protection of the super variety. Yippee!!! And on top of all that, it 4 days and it was done. (I know, some of you probably hate me.) Plus it seems like the extreme back aches may have stopped. I still get the headaches, but not the blinding migraine type. So all in all, I'd say things are going pretty well.

Surgery was 4 weeks ago today! Two more months of imposed rest, then we'll see where we are.


Anonymous said...

yay! These are steps towards the next cycle! After my myomectomy years ago, my cycle was a complete mess and took forever to get back to normal. I'm glad things are OK and these next two months may fly by.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're on the mend, and I hope the next couple of months just fly by!