Monday, July 04, 2011

It's July already!?!?!?

Wow, time flies...and if one could say they were having fun it would be okay. It's been eight weeks since I last blogged. I've been reading and occaisionally commenting on other blogs, but I've just not found the time, desire or material to blog....that really sucks.

Anyway, it's July. That means the trip to Vegas for my conference has come and gone (two weeks ago actually) and V and I can start to plan for when we are going to do the final DE FET cycle. I don't want to wait any longer than we have to as I'm not getting any younger. As I said to him the other day, it's a matter of biology. So, I'm really hoping we'll be able to get to it either July or August...hopefully before my birthday in September.

So what's been going on since May 10th? Not a whole helluva lot. Really. So little in fact I can't think of anything specific.

The only thing really going on is my FIL. On June 1st, in the middle of the night, he took a tumble down a flight of stairs. Thankfully V's cousin lives with him as his caregiver and was able to call for an ambulance and get him to the hospital. Some of you already know the details, but out of respect to him and other members of the family I won't go into detail here of his injuries. Suffice it to say, what started out as a fall and some broken bones has become a much more serious situation and we are trying to be optimistic for a postive outcome. Prayers would be welcome.

One thing about tragedy/accident is that it can bring a family together. And if I can say anything positive about this situation it would be that it has brought V and his siblings and mother together and much closer. As I said to him a few weeks ago, it was the first time, in the years that I've known him, that I think I had seen the 5 of them together in one room. I wish the situation could have been different that gathered them together.

So, hug your families, those close to you or call someone you haven't seen in a very long time and just say hello and see that they're okay.


Lut C. said...

A final DE FET, that sounds so ... final. I really hope you get that lucky break this time.

Hopefully your FIL will recover and the sense of togetherness will last when he does.

Pam said...

Yeah I know. It does sound final. But my age and finances is dictating this time. So, we're really keeping fingers crossed that this is the one.