Sunday, July 10, 2011

Farewell, Dad

The world became a little less bright as one of its lights was extinguished last night. After a lengthy stay in hospital, V's father passed away with his family and friends by his bedside.

Mr A. was one of kind. He was warm, friendly, always had a kind word, and could make me laugh. We had a mutual affection for the lottery and we would daydream together about what we'd do with the winnings when we hit it big. As a former mechanic, he would be able to listen while riding in my car and tell me that something wasn't right, and what it was.

I remember one very cold winter day about 10-11 years ago, my BIL was up in Bar.rie about 90 minutes away and his vehicle had broken down. So V, Dad an I were going up to help him out except that my FIL's minivan had no heat. None. This was probably one of the first times I'd spent any real time with him. By the time we got up there we were all frozen. During the ride up I quickly built up a thick skin to the family wit. ;) I had been warned but I came prepared. I think I won him over on that trip by being able to hold my own with him.

For anyone who knew him, he was a huge player of the lottery here, both the scratch tickets and the draws. One of our lotteries is called 649. What is ironic is that my father in law passed away at 6:49pm. So Dad, you had the last laugh. If you get an inside edge on the upcoming numbers, send me a sign. :)

Rest in Peace Dad.


Not on Fire said...

I am sorry for your loss.

Lut C. said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

I hope you will find comfort in each other.

loribeth said...

I'm sorry about your FIL. Dh's uncle also passed away this weekend. I'll be thinking of your family as we mourn with ours at the funeral tomorrow.

Gil said...

My condolences again, to you and V on the passing of his dad. I know there will be tough days ahead. Remember that so many of us love you and are praying for you and all of the family as you say your goodbyes. Much love from up the road, -G.