Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No, you're not in the twilight zone. Yes, I am posting again.

I'll try to be as brief as possible. If Pam and I had been profiled, there is probably no way any machine or human would have thought, "yes, that's a match!"

I'm Trinidadian, she's a munchacake. I'm catholic, she's Jewish. I'm black, she's white. I love roller coasters and horror movies; she, not so much and not at all. I can be loud, demonstrative, brash, arrogant/overly confident, annoying and annoyingly persistent; she can be that if pushed but really is somewhat introverted and can be really quiet. Our families are from two different planets.

However, with all of that, she is the one person that gets me the most on this planet (with a couple of very good friends coming close) and the one person I can truly be fully open with. When we are together, I want her in another room (if my show or game is on). BUT, when we are apart, my system is on constant cosmic watch for her presence and rejoices when we are reunited once again.

I can go anywhere with anyone and not worry about what she is thinking. Most times though, I wish it was her that was there with me to experience and enjoy the things that I do. She is my companion, my confidant, my love and my rock. I know that if fate split us in some fashion, we would each carry on but I know that I would never be the same without her.

I am privileged to have been in the last 12 years of your first fifty years, my love. I hope I am lucky enough to see the next fifty with you as well. See you in the bucket; we have a list to deal with. :)

Love you.
(Yes, I know I put my name there. Sheesh, ya'll are just so alert aren't ya?)


Lut C. said...

That's some declaration of love and devotion! Pam is one lucky lady.

Pam said...

I have to agree with you. :) I am definitely lucky to have him.

Gil said...

I love that you wrote these things for her V. You're a doll; Pam honey, you are indeed blessed to have him in your life.

As for the differences... don'tcha know "opposites attract"?? It's scientifically proven! Sheesh! Where've you been V??

Love and hugs to you both from all of us. :)