Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another post about cake

So, it's been quiet around here as we wait for our counselling session. It was supposed to be last week but we had to reschedule. However, it is tomorrow afternoon. Once we're over that hurdle we should start getting donor profiles and we can move forward.

However, in the meantime I've been making cakes. In fact the next several weeks is a cake extravaganza.

This past weekend was all cake all the time.

I made this cake for my niece for her 19th birthday. It was actually last week, but her family was in town this weekend so we celebrated her birthday with this cake.

Then I took a class with Bronwen Weber yesterday. You may know her from the Food Network Challenges.. Anyway, she was in town for two days giving two classes. I was lucky enough to be able to take her class yesterday where she taught us how to carve a cake and use an airbrush. Here's what we made. And yes, he is ALL cake. :)

Besides those cakes, I also made two dozen cupcakes for my nephew and brother....just because. :)

Upcoming cakes include:

1 - a soccer themed cake for a friend because V lost a bet during the World Cup
2 - possibly a 50th anniversary cake for my Aunt and Uncle
2 - a 50th birthday cake for a colleague of V's
3 - a 50th birthday cake for myself
4 - a birthday cake for my nephew who will be turning 6

And in amongst all of this I'm starting to think about Christmas cookies and how to promote them for the holidays.

Lots going on to take my mind off the other "stuff".


ks said...

You are so talented! What a wonderful job you have done on both of those cakes!

I can't believe how far you've come. Not saying you weren't good a year ago, but man the detailing, and the clean lines! Wow!

I hope the session goes well! Thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

Those are amazing! You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

The cakes are really amazing! I am in love with the Converse shoe.

I can give you names of places for packaging and things like that for Christmas cookies.

Midlife Mommy said...

You are awesome!!!