Monday, August 30, 2010

Latest news

Basically there is no news.

We were scheduled to have a phone consult with one of the clinic's counsellors last week on the 25th. I was told by the Admin making our appointment that this could be a phone consult because the clinic is downtown, I work in the west end, V works north of the city and we live in the east end. So getting both of us downtown to an appointment really isn't that easy to coordinate during the hours the counsellor works.

So we were scheduled for 1pm and we're both ready. I got the call and put her on hold while I switched phones to a more private area and got V on the line and then conferenced everyone in together. We get through the introductions and she starts off asking ages and then "how many children do you have?" So V and answers "one from a previous marriage" and I say "we don't have any together". Well, that was the beginning of the downhill ride. She thought we were the donors, not the recipients and she sounded a bit annoyed by the fact that we weren't and she wasn't prepared for a recipient consult (on the phone). I found her tone accusatory in a way, and somewhat defensive for some reason. She asked why we couldn't come into the office for this appointment. I explained the logistics of where we were and that I was told by the Admin at the clinic that a phone consult was fine. Well, that just wouldn't do and she had no sympathy for our travel logistics.

I understood the need to have us in front of her, to read our body language, facial expressions etc, and because V can be rather quiet during these type of things. I indicated that we'd been through a similar counseling session three or four years ago when we were preparing to use donor eggs (it's actually 5 years ago this month) and asked if we needed to go through it again? She asked where and I indicated it was with the old clinic but that the report had been forwarded to Dr. L and should be in our file. She said that she needed us to come in for an appointment and that she could come in for 8:30am if that worked for us, but she was going to first check with Dr. L. if we needed to go through the process again and look for our previous report. She said someone would call us.

It's not been quite a week yet. So, I figure I'll wait until the latter part of this week and send an email to the DE coordinator and ask her for an update. With the Labour Day weekend approaching, I doubt we'll get any information until after that.


Lut C. said...

Not a very good first impression to get from the counsellor. Not reading the file, not cool.

I'm sorry this happened to you. Hopefully she'll redeem herself when you do meet in person.

noela said...

Yes, that sounds like a bad impression. And to mix up the donors with recipients!?? Umm, not cool.

Sorry you're in this place right now.