Friday, July 17, 2009

Show & Tell: Cake

It's time for Mel's Show and Tell.

As you all know I haven't got much going on except the cake decorating classes. So, here is the latest creation from class. This class is tiered cakes, but we don't get to that for two more weeks, so it's just a basic cake with fondant and decorating. I so liked the recipe that Cali pointed us to last week that I thought I'd try it out this week. I don't always bake from mixes, but I'm becoming a convert. The only thing I wasn't too sure about in this, and may not include next time is the chocolate chips. Anyway, I made this cake and filled it with cherry pie filling because chocolate and cherries just rock.

Here's the finished product. V can vouch for the taste. It was pretty good, and since it's gone to his office today for his colleagues, I think they've already deemed it good. Not sure how much is left and it's only noon. :)

I am definitely enjoying these classes and could see myself making this into a little business one day.

Go check out who else is showing today.


kate said...

Cool cake! I've always wanted to try cake decorating, but I think I'm too impatient to learn the kind of delicate coordination required to do it- I am a total klutz!

And yeah. Chocolate and cherries are a *fabulous* combination.

Io said...

I am so impressed by your cake decorating skills. I can definitely see people paying big bucks for your services.

cowboyboot lady said...

That looks absolutely delicious and beautiful. I am so going to learn how to do that one day. Yes, you could definitely make some $ with your skill.

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh nice! Can I please please PLEASE have your phone number ;o)?! I have to make a birthday cake for my son tomorrow and I'm using fondant for the very first time...EEK! I'm so scared I've put it off for DAYS!

Your cake is beautiful and looks SO yummy! Hey want to come over and make my cake for me tomorrow?! You can sleep in my bed! I'll feed you wine, or whatever your favorite beverage of choice is. I'll rub your feet, make your favorite dinner..anything Good work! Honestly, it's beautiful!

calliope said...

That looks sooooooo good! I totally effed up that recipe so it is all kinds of awesome to see it in the hands of a clear expert.

Pam said...

Thanks all. And Cali, I don't think you screwed it up. Yours looked good. It looked like you may have done the mixing by hand, and that may have been your downfall. Have you tried that one that Kym posted in October of Frank's? Totally awesome cake and I think I'm going to do that one for the end of class cake next week. :)

Ellen K. said...

Gorgeous! I really envy my friends who have cake-decorating skills. I just suck, completely suck at all things crafty.

Kami said...

That is cool! It makes me want to take a class.