Friday, May 30, 2008


One year ago today my oldest and closest friend passed away from breast cancer. She was 46. I've thought about her often over the past year, and particularly over the past week as May 30th came ever closer. Today has not been easy. I miss her.

Gina and Jeff never had children of their own. They were happy being the doting aunt and uncle to all their nieces and nephews. She was looking forward to one day being Auntie Gina to our child(ren). I'm sorry we weren't able to make that happen for her.

V. and I have made several attempts over the past year to get in touch with Jeff. We wanted to see how he was doing. Today he called because he was thinking of us. Rather than be alone, I was glad to see that he was reaching out to those of us who loved Gina as well. I hope we can renew our friendship with him. We miss him too.


Dtrini said...

While I concur with everything my wife said, I have to rewrite one line. We do not need to renew our friendship with Jeff; it has never changed. It was just very hard for us not to be able to comfort the closest person to someone we loved and lost the way we wished to. BUT, it is not about us and if he needed this time then we needed to let him have it. It brought us both to tears this morning to hear his message on the phone so I hope we hear from him later and will be able to see him in person soon. No one can tell someone how much time they need so we need to let him tell us. We are always here for him no matter what. I hope that he is ready to accept that in now.

We miss you Gina. You are a light gone out far too early. We hope you have found the peace and joy you so richly deserved. God bless.

And in the spirit of Gina's passing, all you ladies that read this, please, PLEASE, do your regular self exams and don't be afraid to get the most innocuous thing checked out. Better to be safe many times than sorry once. Do it for yourself mainly but do it for your spouse, your signif, your kids and those who love you. Early detection and treatment gives no promises but it provides lots of hope and opportunity for a longer life. The alternative is just too much to make those around you bear.

Thank you.


Io said...

I am so sorry for your loss.
I'm glad your friend has decided to reach out to you and reconnect and I'm so glad you are there for him.

JW Moxie said...

Gina and Jeff was/is blessed to have friends like the two of you.