Thursday, November 22, 2007

Delta? Never Again.

So, I'm in Kentucky until Tuesday. That in itself is not bad. Getting here was unbelievable?

We were supposed to fly Amer.ican through Chicago yesterday. We were at the airport 2 hours before our flight. Got through US Customs and security without incident. I told them I had injectible meds in my carry on with syringes (with a letter from the doctor) and they didn't even bat an eye. Went through the x-ray machine, my laptop and stuff, and they said thanks, you're fine. Meanwhile my colleague had them go through his bag. We're early enough that we go and grab breakfast before our flight. Our flight is scheduled to leave at 8:10am. At about 7:45-7:50 they haven't started boarding yet, and the captain is on the phone. Shortly after there's an announcement that there is a problem with the plane and it's a "no go" situation. Great, this means we're not going anywhere soon. Eventually she says they have to re-route everyone on the flight and it would be best if everyone one was in one line. At the time she says this my colleague is somewhere in the men's room and I've got to get our stuff over to the line. Thankfully my laptop bag is on wheels and his laptop bag wasn't very heavy. (V. would have had my head had I lifted anything heavy.)

Fast forword two hours and we're finally being re-routed. At this point we've missed their next flight to Chicago although we don't know when the connecting flight would have been. So instead she says there is a Delta flight leaving 40 minutes later, connecting through Cincinnati. We made it down to that gate (we had to take a shuttle) and onto the smallest plane I've ever seen. It was a Canadair Regional jet. I'm only 5'1" and this was the first time I've stood in an aisle of a plane (if you call this narrow strip an aisle) and was able to put something in the overhead compartment without standing on the seat. Oh, and the seats were made for very small people. Luckily the plane was half full so we were each able to sit in our own row (of 2) so it was more comfortable that way.

We get into Cincinnati on time and have an hour to make our connection. Of course, it's in a different terminal or at least a different area of that terminal and we have to take another shuttle to get there. When we board this plane, which is completely full, we're not sitting together, but one in front of the other. I lucked out because the person I was to sit beside moved to another row with a friend and I had an empty seat. My colleague was behind me with a seat mate who was taking up 1.5 seats. There are only 2 seats in the row. Luckily this gentleman suggested he move into the seat next to me. So we ended up sitting together anyway, listening to this man snore for the whole hour.

The weather for both flights was raining. I found that the second flight must have had more turbulence because I was nauseous through most of the flight. Once I got some fresh air, it was a bit better.

Anyway, we finally arrived at the office around 4:15, after checking into the hotel, about 2 hours later than planned.

I will never fly Delta again. At least not by choice.


So on the waiting front, nothing going on. Boobs don't seem to be hurting quite as much. However, they seem to have grown to the size of cantaloupes (sorry Famine, Skibum and BIL - TMI). I know V. isn't complaining. :)

I also seem to have developed a reaction to the PIO. I'm not sure why after 2 weeks, but both hips have these red areas and are incredibly itchy. What's interesting though, is that the redness isn't at the site of the injections, but several inches below. Who knows. Thankfully it doesn't bother me constantly. I'm going to continue the shots and deal with the reaction when I get back and go in for my beta. Not much I can do from here in terms of getting an alternate progesterone product anyway.

Today is 12dp3dt.


Unknown said...

WHY are you flying for a business trip on Thanksgiving??? Am I missing something?

Sorry about your flight woes. My brother was supposed to go to the South of France for Thanksgiving and his flight got delayed so long from NYC (cracked cockpit window) that they missed their connecting flight from Paris. Lost $1800 in non-refundable airfare and wouldn't have made it even if they bought another ticket (another $1800) from Paris to the South. So they turned around went home. They live in NYC and had a couple staying at their house (flew out from Florida) to take care of their cats! So now all 4 of them are in the tiny apartment for the weekend.

Traveling over the TG weekend is a nightmare! We only had to drive 100 miles and it took us over 3 hours.

Hang in there with the 2ww. I am 5dp3dt.

Gil said...

Still reading; still hoping for you. My heart is in my throat... please keep us updated!

Sending love from Ottawa to you both.

Pam said...

Baby Step - we flew down the day before Thanksgiving because in Canada it's not a holiday. And since I'm in IT and we're doing major upgrades to systems and servers it made sense for us to take advantage of the office being closed for basically 4 days so we could work unimpeded. :) However, we definitely took advantage of the sales today. COuldn't your brother have gotten some sort of compensation from the airline in NYC because they were the reason that they missed their flight in Paris? Seems ludicrous that get nothing.

Gil - good to see you're still reading. :) I just commented on your last post, but I'll repeat the invite for our open house Dec 15th if you're in Toronto

And I'll extend it to anyone else who wants to come if they're in town. Just send me an email. :)