Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy New Year

I know, I'm five days late to say that, but better late than never. :)

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and I wish everyone health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year. And I hope that you all achieve your goals as we move forward. (How's that for mushy? ;) )

Anyway, there really isn't anything going on. December was very busy for V and I with hosting our various holiday events we do every year. Chrisdtmas was quieter for us in that we only had 15 for dinner. Yes, I said only. We've had one year where we had 32! Some family and close friends we consider family. We raised our glasses and toasted those who were no longer with us, as well as those who were unable to travel to join us. All in all, a fun filled day was had by all.

On the IF front, we're still in a holding pattern trying to set aside funds. February isn't looking good. I cringe as I look at the calendar knowing that time is ticking away and I've got 8 months. I really don't want to be still waiting in July. Please don't let it take that long.... That biological clock we all hear ticking as we get older? It's like a frickin' gong now.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to leave you with some photos of some my creations from December.

Gingerbread house!

Cupcakes I made for our work Christmas party. Chocolate and vanilla with vanilla buttercream, decorated "Christmas-y".

Birthday cake for special 3 year old. The cupcake was a pan that baked an oversized cake in the shape of a cupcake which I sat on an 8" square. It's a strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream.

This was for a Welcome Baby party for a friend. An 8" cake on top and cupcakes below. The cupcakes were strawberry or vanilla both with vanilla buttercream, decorated in purple to match the baby's room with a flower or butterfly on top. The cake was alternating layers of strawberry and vanilla, with a strawberry puree and vanilla buttercream. Oh, and I made the cupcake stand.


Gil said...

Time ticks away for us all, doesn't it? Ugh. I hear ya on that front.

And the cakes! The glorious cakes! I meant to ask about the cupcake cake; is it really as big as the photo makes it look? Regardless, it looks gorgeous. And wow! Can I say that the purple cupcakes and cake are sumptuous?! Beautiful! Your attention to detail is superb!

Hugs from all of us. Oh how I wish I could take you up on your offer of a weekend of NOTHING!

Pam said...

Thanks! :)

The pink cupcake cake isn't huge. The cupcake is probably about 4" wide on an 8" cake. It's just the angle I think.

And the offer is a standing offer, my dear. You just tell me when. :)